With the current COVID-19 pandemic, national governments encourage the public to always wear face masks. The mask is part of the personal protective equipment (PPE) for COVID-19. It protects your mouth, nose, and chin areas from liquid droplets that could have traces of the virus.

There are, however, two types of face mask you can wear. One is the respirator, which does not only protect you from liquid droplets, but also shields you from inhaling dust, mist, gases, and airborne infectious diseases. It also comes in various types with different levels of protection.

Therefore, it is always essential to wear a respirator especially when you are in public places. Although the obvious reason for wearing it is for virus protection, there is more to it than that. Find out below why wearing a respirator is extremely important in this time of the pandemic!

1. Protects Other People


Respirators are not only for protection for yourself. They also protect the people around you. This is especially true if you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. This helps stop the spread from your end. Respirators can strongly hold virus-containing particles, preventing them from escaping and infecting other people. Whenever you talk, sneeze, or cough, you won’t risk others from getting your liquid droplets.

2. You May Not Know You Have the Virus


What’s even more alarming about COVID-19 is you don’t know if you have it. Up to 80% of the people infected do not know they have COVID-19. That is because they don’t show any symptoms. This lets the virus freely spread even more. Therefore, it gives us more reasons to always wear a respirator. What’s worse is those who show no symptoms continue to have none.

Wearing a respirator even if you feel healthy is a sense of social responsibility as well. If you care for the people around you, you don’t need to always be reminded to wear your face mask. Your willingness to help stop the virus spread is put to test.

3. Helps with Economic Recovery


Wearing respirators does not directly help the economy recover. It is the result of wearing it that helps the economy. When people observe the necessary precautions against COVID-19, the rise of active cases will slow down. When this happens, those infected will be attended to appropriately, so they can fully recover.

When the world has full control over the active cases, people can start moving like they used to be. Businesses can bounce back, and employees can continue to earn income and live normally.

4. Serves as an Alternative for Fighting COVID-19


Because COVID-19 vaccines are not yet available, people are finding other alternatives to combat the virus. One way is to wear a respirator, especially in public places. It is cheap and only needs your patience to wear them whenever you go outside.

What is even great about wearing a face mask is it only requires minimal effort with huge benefits. You protect yourself and others from the virus. The level of protection gets even stronger if you also observe social distancing and other health measures for COVID-19.

How to Properly Wear and Remove a Respirator


Now that you have a clear understanding of the importance of respirators, let’s move on to how you properly wear them. This way, you make sure you are protecting yourself and others effectively.

  1. Before even wearing the mask, wash your hands clean.
  2. Hold the respirator with one hand. Make sure you hold the outer surface with the nose piece at the tip of your fingers.
  3. Cup the respirator on your face to allow the ear loops or headbands to hang below. For the respirator with headbands, your hand should be inside the hanging straps.
  4. Hold the respirator at the part under your chin. Make sure you position the nose piece correctly.
  5. If you are using a respirator with headbands, position the lower strap at the bottom back of your head. The top strap should be at the top of your back head.
  6. For a respirator with ear loops, position each loop around your every ear. Make sure the loops feel comfortable.
  7. Once everything feels comfortable, check the respirator’s seal if correct.
  8. Place your hands on the respirator and breathe quickly. Feel the tightness of the respirator. If it’s too tight, adjust it accordingly.
  9. Also, check if there is air leakage around the nose. If there is, adjust the mask again.
  10. Cover the respirator with both hands again and see if there is still air leakage.

Now, let’s move on to removing the respirator properly. It is extremely quick and easy. One important rule to remember, however, is to never touch the front of it. It is the area where contagious microorganisms are present. Follow these steps:

  1. For respirators with headbands, remove them by pulling the bottom strap over your head first. Follow it with the top strap. For those with ear loops, carefully remove each band from your every ear.
  2. Throw the respirator away while only holding the straps or loops.

Important Reminders in Using a Respirator


Before using a respirator, there are things you need to take into account:

  • If you have used a respirator before with great comfort and secure protection, better use the same type.
  • Check if there are defects on the respirator. If there is, use another one.
  • Never let hair strands, jewelry, or clothing interfere with the proper placement of the respirator.
  • Read and understand the instructions of your purchased respirator.

Where to Buy Respirators


Manufacturers of respirators are everywhere. If you don’t have stores that sell them near you, you can try checking online. Manufacturers selling online have a wide market reach, so you can try international companies. However, make sure the manufacturer is reliable to ensure quality products.

One respirator company you can try is HisoMedical. They offer PPE for COVID-19, and their products are FDA-approved. They are suppliers of FFP2 respirators for many European countries. also offers secure and high-quality FF2 respirators with quick delivery.


Using respirators to protect yourself and others from COVID1-19 is extremely beneficial. This face mask does not only block liquid droplets but also harmful gases and air. So, purchase your own respirator now and fight COVID-19 more effectively!