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Julie Bowen is a popular face in Hollywood as she has starred in movies like Boston Legal, Happy Gilmore, and Lost and she has also won the Emmy Awards for some of her outstanding roles in movies. Her parents were high societal people as her dad was into commercial property construction but today she is becoming quite popular on the internet due to rising Julie Bowen plastic surgery rumors.

However, Hollywood recognizes Julie Bowen based on her sense of humor, the vintage look as well as her genuine beauty, and this has led to her fans spotting some changes in her looks. Shockingly, the actress herself admitted to having laser treatment to make her skin tight and avoid wrinkles as well.

However, another question that is frequently being asked on the internet is why did Julie Bowen undergo plastic surgery? The popular actress is constantly being alleged to have had a nose job, a facelift, and also breast enhancement surgery, and comparing between her old and new pictures as well as some of her appearances on camera, one can easily spot all of these plastic surgery changes.

Julie Bowen Plastic Surgery

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Julie Bowen who is already in her fifties just like most female celebrities that have hit the same age in the entertainment industry strives very hard to make sure that they stay and look as young as possible. Comparing her old and new pictures would definitely point out some changes in her face and if one wants to be more specific, we can actually point out the new shape of her nose, the form of her face recently and also the lesser amount of wrinkles she has on her face despite hitting the fifties age mark.

Julie Bowen has also admitted one time that she tried making some corrections to her face and it was also easy for her to point out specifically that she tried out laser operation which is something most female celebrities would not want to talk about in the open. However, there were also noticeable changes in her nose as her nose became well set and also thinner than before. These changes made to her nose made her look more attractive but for a fact, no one knows if those changes were truly done.


Furthermore, the Julie Bowen plastic surgery rumors also involved a possible boob job and ever since this gossip about her breasts started, they have never for one faded away. The boob job surgery has been following Julie Bowen all through her acting career and there are also two scenarios where some plastic surgeons have examined her in a swimsuit and came to the conclusion that she truly had a breast enhancement surgery. She is a mom to three children and this might change the theory to some people.

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Some people believe that the changes in her breast could be a result of the fact that she must have breastfed her kids and also maternity changes but no one can say for sure if she did or not. The plastic surgeons, however, believe that it was truly done and done by a professional plastic surgeon too.

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