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Famous for her role as Brenda Barrett in the “General Hospital” medical drama series, Vanessa Marcil is one of the top gorgeous and an award-winning actress in Hollywood and looking at the face of this sexy actress, it would be quite hard to believe that she just hit her fifties. In the year 1994, Vanessa Marcil was listed among “50 Most Beautiful” women by People’s Magazine and decades after decades, she still has that stunning and amazing looks which gave rise to the Vanessa Marcil plastic surgery rumors.

Vanessa Marcil is regarded as one of the sexiest actresses and despite her age, she still looks very attractive and most men will want her presence close to them. She is past the age of many young and attractive celebrities but her look is twice the minimal age of such younger celebrities and this has led to the fact that eyebrows have been raised to determine if she really had plastic surgery alter her appearance.

Vanessa Marcil Plastic Surgery

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The rumors have linked her plastic surgery activities to Botox and face fillers, nose job and breast implants too. The rumor of a nose job is very common and almost all celebrities have all been involved in the act. However, some have been only rumors and nothing else. Comparing her before and after photo, it is not clear if she had the nose job that was rumored or not. The change in her nose area isn’t too clear to be plastic surgery.

It may be as a result of her age that gave her a slight change in the nose. But the Botox injection is very clear that she had it done. Her appearance is completely void of aging effects and looks a lot more youthful and also the plastic surgery procedures completely eradicated all sagging, wrinkles and face lines. The breast implant has given her a different appearance. She completely looks hot, attractive and very seductive.

Having fuller breasts that weren’t there in the past completely suggests breast implant surgery. At her age, she should be experiencing sagging and lines around her breast with a possible breast reducing signs. But the reverse is actually the case. If truly the rumors were true, then the surgeon completely did a perfect job and presented her with desiring results.

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However, she is yet to confirm any such rumors and have rather stayed far from such rumors and concentrated on her career. Plastic surgery procedures are no longer a big deal in the entertainment industry and between celebrities. Back then, plastic surgery was only meant for hiding away scars and marks that were gotten from accidents but looking at the way it is done today, plastic surgery is done by people who are looking for ways to reverse their aging signs.

In Vanessa Marcil’s plastic surgery case, evidence shows that he must have been under the knife ie both corrective and plastic surgeries.