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One of the reputable and model in the United States of America is Uma Thurman. She was born on the 29th day in April 1970 and has gone to have an amazing career as she has featured in so many dramas and movies as a lead actress. Uma Thurman is also that type of actress that has featured in several science fiction and action movies as she kick started her Hollywood career as far back as 1988.

Ever since she featured in her first movie back in 1988, she has gone on to become one of the most amazing and interesting celebrity Hollywood has ever seen. The headlines today reads “Uma Thurman Plastic Surgery” rumors which suggests that the beautiful actress has been under the knife to keep looking beautiful.

These rumors surrounding Uma Thurman are quite strong and the fact that certain plastic surgeons also believe that the talented actress must have been under the knife while other plastic surgeons also believe that she might have not have been under the knife makes the topic a very difficult but yet an interesting one. This is why we have written this review to discuss if these rumors could be true or if they are completely false and just rumors.

Uma Thurman who is currently hitting the fifty year mark has well filled and smooth cheeks also with a smooth forehead and one can also tell easily that the actress has no sign of wrinkles on any part of her body.


uma thurman plastic surgery

These listed signs can also be achieved through having a healthy eating habit and also by constant exercising but in Uma Thurman’s case, there is reason to believe that her case might be strange and different. This is because her present looks are way different than her former looks.

Having changes as instant and radical in like in Uma Thurman’s case is something that can only be achieved through the use of plastic surgery. Several experts who have shared their opinion about Uma Thurman plastic surgery rumors believes that the actress must have been able to get rid of wrinkles that comes with aging by injecting her forehead with Botox.

She must have also tried out Restylane and Juvederm injections in her cheeks which left her cheeks elevated and youthful. Also, a facelift procedure could also be responsible fresh and new look that left her face looking quite cool.

uma thurman facelift

However, the only problem with Uma Thurman plastic surgery procedures is an eye surgery as her eyes have been modified to be smaller and this actually resulted in a disastrous look as it doesn’t perfectly fit her face.

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This ended up making her look strange and there are also rumors that Uma Thurman must have changed the shape of her nose using the Rhinoplasty procedure. This left her nose looking more fine-tuned.

However, these changes made to Uma Thurman’s face has been a hard pill to swallow for her fans as there are lots of controversies surrounding her new looks. Some people consider Uma Thurman plastic surgery procedures as a disaster and who knows, maybe when these changes decide to fade off, then we might get to see the real Uma Thurman that we all know.