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One of the highest pain actresses in Bollywood Priyanka Chopra has caught the attention of the entire public with her looks. She is the daughter of a gynecologist and an army personnel and she had dreams of becoming an aeronautic engineer but saw those dreams change after she was crowned the winner of the Miss World beauty pageant held in 2010.

That was when she decided to go into acting as movie offers started coming in and being a Bollywood star as well as being a beauty queen simply meant she was in for fame and stardom. Being on the main screen has made it very easy and possible for everyone to keep an eye on her which gave rise to the Priyanka Chopra plastic surgery rumors.

Her commanding presence on television has made it easy for critics and fans to fall in love with her and having a busty body has brought her under scrutiny as there are people who believe the actress has been under the knife to get a boob job.


priyanka chopra plastic surgery

Priyanka Chopra has also joined the list of celebrities who have been bullied on the internet and also criticized for getting plastic surgery. There are people who believe that her beauty isn’t natural as they claim she must have had face fillers, lip fillers, Rhinoplasty as well as Botox injections.

Based on the fact that she knows a lot of plastic surgeons maybe as a result of her fame, getting easy access to all of these procedures wouldn’t be a problem for Priyanka but what we are left guessing or struggling to deal with is if Priyanka ever made use of her connections and contacted a plastic surgeon to work on her body and face. In this review, we would find out if these rumors are just rumors or if they have an atom of truth in them.

In her before and after photos, there seems to be a noticeable change in the shape of her nose and this left some section of the internet divided as there are people who think the changes were just makeup while other completely believe that the actress and model got a nose job.

priyanka chopra nose job

Also, the gap between her upper lip and tip of her nose has reduced greatly and there are reports which claims that the actress lost opportunities to feature in some movies due to her botched Rhinoplasty.

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She appeared to have smaller boobs while contesting in the miss world beauty pageant as some people often referred to has as being flat chested. Years later, it turns out that the model and actress has increased in bust size as she now had fuller and round bust which led to the rumors of a possible breast implant on the internet.

Judging through her photos if she had breast implants or not could be quite difficult even if there are evident and actual changes but one has to think if this change could be as a result of using push up bras.

Priyanka Chopra might not get to admit if the plastic surgery rumors alleged against her are true or false but there isn’t any denying that she was born to have a dazzling body and a beautiful face. Whether her face and body is fake or real, she still remains a lady with a remarkable beauty in the Hollywood and Bollywood industry.