Her charming beauty has become the center of attraction for many and her age has only shown that it is just a number and nothing more compared to her radiating beauty. Anyone who possesses such beauty will always have rumors of plastic surgery hanging around their appearance.

Judging from her present photos, there is no denying that she looks astonishingly beautiful despite her age. Her facial appearance is far from her real age, the face looks smoothened, tighter and totally free from aging marks such as wrinkles, sagging, face lines and other forms that are usually very noticeable among women of her age.

It is often debated among her fans if such appearance is natural or if it was aided by good plastic surgery. When trying to compare her before and after photos, it is noticeable that the wrinkle free face and aging free appearance have been up to Botox injections down the years to enable her keep such looks.

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katie couric plastic surgery

Apart from the Botox injection that she underwent, there is a possibility that she also had facelift. It is no longer new for individuals who undergo Botox injections to also have a facelift done. Both plastic surgery procedures go hand in hand. The work of the facelift is to help eradicate any form of sagging around the facial area.

The star has completely denied all rumors linking her to plastic surgery and just like many other celebrities, she has likened her wonderful young appearance to the help of good diet and exercises that has kept her that way over the years.

katie couric facelift

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Katie Couric is also another celebrity that most people believe looks too cool and young at her age. She is an American television host and has hosted quite some shows on CBS, NBC and also on ABC. At the age of 61, Katie Couric looks quite impressively good and beautiful but rumor has it that the American television show host must have been under the knife to be able to have and maintain such a youthful and attractive look.

The Katie Couric plastic surgery procedures that we have talked about is just a tip of the iceberg when compared to what other celebrities have done on their face just so they can avoid the natural process of aging and a good number of people to have been under the knife are mostly from Hollywood. Infact Hollywood is a good business place for any plastic surgeon.

Just like how some other celebrities have come out to deny going under the knife, Katie Couric has also taken the same path as she claims that she owes her good and youthful looks to living right and eating healthy. Well, everyone is okay to have whatever opinion in their head and if you compare her old and new photos, I’m sure you would draw your own conclusion in your head too.

Nonetheless, we have to admit that whatever Katie did on her face worked absolutely great for her a d professionally, we know she doesn’t just look good but she also feels good.