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The ever beautiful actress seems to have been able to preserve her beauty over the years. Her never fading appearance has raised speculations that she may have undergone plastic surgery to her been able to keep her beauty shinning.

In Hollywood, plastic surgery involvement is no longer a thing of new. Most individuals have relied on plastic surgery to boost their appearance or change the way they look simply because they are not pleased with their natural appearance.

Apart from personal reasons for individuals to undergo plastic surgery, some have undergone the procedure to help give their career a lift or simply because they couldn’t handle the pressure coming from fans to keep looking attractive. Despite her age, her youthful appearance may have not been the only area she underwent plastic surgery, it may well be argued that she undergo a different procedure to help her body physique.


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Botox injections have been the key for many celebrities to look younger as they age. The star has been under the regular influence of Botox injections in all her facial areas including her eye area and this is definitely the reason that her facial area is looking plastic like and free from aging effects such as wrinkles.

Her involvement in Botox injection isn’t the only plastic surgery that she had. She also underwent rhinoplasty and boobs enhancement. From her previous photo, her nose appears bulbous and the tip looks round. However after the plastic surgery had been done, she instantly got a pointed nose tip and straight nose.

Such speculations about her involvement with rhinoplasty have been confirmed by Dr. David Shafer who thinks that the nose was properly done. Her sexy body shape has been complimented by her big boobs.

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She used boobs implant to increase her breast size so that it could fit her body physique and then undergo fat reduction plastic surgery procedure to give her an all round attractive figure. Her more recent photos show that she might have removed the breast implants. Nevertheless she is yet to speak openly about her involvement in every plastic surgery procedures.

Kelly Ripa isn’t just a producer or an actress but she also gained popularity for being one of the most famous talk show in the United States.  She is also being considered to be a very powerful personality based on her role in the media and even though she is yet to admit the fact that she has been under the knife, she also revealed that she would love to go under the knife but only at the right time.

Even though there are yet to be very concrete evidences to back up the Kelly Ripa plastic surgery rumors, a lot of people on the internet have the believe that Kelly Ripa has been under the knife. However, Kelly Ripa who has never agreed to being under the knife claims she owes her figure and freshness to getting lots of sleep and also living the healthy way.

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