Melanie Griffith is proud of her daughter Dakota Johnson. She has been recently posting pics of her daughter on twitter and supporting her big time. But what about Melanie herself? She is also getting attention but because of her plastic surgery face. Melanie Griffith at age of 55 is battling to keep her face in shape. While she started to get wrinkles on the face due to aging she opted for plastic surgery treatment.

Maybe the divorce for 3 times speaks a lot about her personal relationships with the men whiles her appearance causing bad effects. At last with the help of plastic surgery Melanie Griffith has managed to settle down with Antonio Banderas. Along with suffering with her love life she was also going to addiction to drugs and alcohol. The depression also put her body suffer because of overweight.

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melanie griffith plastic surgery

Despite all these troubles she has managed to come back in her life. During the period of transformation she also had to nice looking face and plastic surgery was her first choice to do that. Melanie Griffith with the help of plastic surgery couldn’t become beautiful again like she was before in her youthful years. But the rounded off face looks decent and is helpful to make public appearances at the celebrity events.

With a similar smile most of the time Melanie Griffith stands for a photo shoot. One thing we notice is the presence of a bulging nose with increasing age. The idea of keeping the nose bulged is a good decision from the part of plastic surgeon. This has retained the originality of Melanie’s face. Dr. Michael Jenkins, says “ Melanie Griffith plastic surgery is done at an optimal level without overdoing”.

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melanie girffith facelift

Looking at things from your own perspective, do you think Melanie Griffith had plastic surgery? Well, in Hollywood nowadays, getting plastic surgery is no longer a big deal especially as we have the Kardashian family who is constantly showing off their good looks and shape to our faces so it isn’t surprising to anyone that going for plastic surgery is now a norm in Hollywood.

The problem is most celebrities sometimes go and extra mile and end up taking things too far as we can see in the cases of Rose McGowan, Renee Zellweger, Wayne Newton and Lil Kim as they went under the knife and ended up looking unrecognizable. Melanie Griffith has joined the long list of celebrities who have finally been under the knife to enhance their looks and maybe feel extra confident in front of the camera.

However, there are rumors flying around that Melanie Griffith plastic surgery didn’t go down as expected as many fans think she ended up overdoing her plastic surgery. At some point too, she publicly stated that people tell her she looks horrible but still, she is adamant to come out and deny or admit if she has been under the knife or not. However if you compare her old and recent photos, you would know for sure she has had plastic surgery.