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Joan Van Ark Plastic Surgery Disaster

Oh no! This is the weirdest of all. She is so plastic for god sake.  All we ask is why did she do this to her face? Spending millions of dollars to get a scary face is complete madness. Joan Van Ark has acted in popular Tv shows such as “Knots Landing” and “Dallas”. Joan Van Ark seems to have tried everything on her face. The number of procedures that she had remains a mystery.

Before and After photos of Joan Van Ark can be used to find out some of the basic techniques used on the face. The skin has turned leathery which shows that she has had many facelifts. The smaller nose is a result of rhinoplasty. The lips are fullers and widened, this requires the use of complex cosmetic procedures. Collagen injection on the cheeks has made them reddish in appearance.

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joan van ark plastic surgery

The use of Botox also has removed all wrinkles from the face. If Joan Van Ark has to answer about plastic surgery, she has to go through series of statements. So when asked she avoids it completely. According to Dr. Mill Heffner, Joan Van Ark have used upper blepharoplasty and browlift to have a hollow appear near the eyes. The nose after many surgeries is looking short and thin- rhinoplasty.

The use of restylane has increased the size of lips and cheeks are puffy because of the use of fat facial grafting. The skin looks like waxy sheen smooth and unnatural. This is caused by chemical peels, Juvedern, Botox and Laser treatment. So the plastic surgery on Joan Van Ark’s face is extraordinary and overdone disaster. But is there any hope of getting back the original face?

Well, she had to find the finest plastic surgeons to get this fixed for her. This would cost her more dollars and we think she will be happy to afford for getting her face back.

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Taking a look at the whole situation, it is quite easy to tell that joan van ark has had several plastic surgeries on her face and mere looking at her face you would know what procedure she has gone for. The number of times she must have had any of these surgeries is still unknown and the actress often times has been asked about the plastic surgery rumors surrounding her but she has always found a way to avoid the discussion.

It is a norm nowadays for celebrities both male and female to want to go for plastic surgeries in order to preserve and maintain their youthful look but the downside is they often end up most times not fixing their looks but instead causing more damage. However, joan van ark was a beautiful woman and who knows what it would have been like if she had decided to just go with the flow and age without going for a plastic surgery.

Joan Van Ark plastic surgery is a perfect example that not all plastic surgery treatments turn out possible and this is also very possible when you decide to switch up or alter your entire look.