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The plastic surgery woes about musicians are nothing new in the celebrity world. They get entry into the celebrity world with their beautiful music but then they need to have good face and looks to retain there. Again, there are very less musicians who have a glamorous like the actresses and models in the Hollywood. So they have to resort to plastic surgery and get a manageable face to deal with the fame.

Kenny Rogers plastic surgery is a similar thing. In the initial years of his career, he cared less about looking good and was busy making good music. But today when he is aging, it seems he realized that he is getting less attention from the media. So he decided to get a face job like any other celebrities struggling from middle life crisis. Kenny Rogers was born in 1938, that’s long back! He is one of the oldest musicians living on the planet.

The good thing about Kenny Rogers is that he has openly admitted that he had to take plastic surgery treatments.

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kenny rogers plastic surgery

While playing country music for most of his career he gained significant fame from the fans. No doubt, he is a talented musicians, he writes his own songs and puts melody to them. Not like Bieber who takes music from others and sings upon them. The famous album by name “The Gambler” was one of the hits of Kenny Rogers. The songs on this album were played along with other hit country stars such as Dolly Parton.

Kenny Rogers is a respectable musician and fans do not want to make fun of an old man by spreading rumors. But the recent photos of Kenny Rogers are affecting his personal life. Many are calling him the plastic surgery grandpa and if you check his twitter account, you can find a lot of harsh comments on him. It seems fans think that plastic surgery at his age is unnecessary, as everyone knows his age and legacy.

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kenny rogers facelift

Back in 2006, Kenny Rogers went under the knife to have a facelift surgery but it didn’t take too long for him to regret his move. He said he decided to go for plastic surgery because he had the money and leisure for it.

Kenny Rogers has publicly admitted his regrets in ever having plastic surgery on his face. He had plastic surgery on his eyelids but instead he ended up having many lines beside his eyes. He turned out to be unhappy with the lines that were now present on his face but at the same time, he still needed the same surgeon to fix the problem on his face.

Another thing he noticed after the surgery was the fact that it felt very tight around the eyelids and at this point, he was willing to do anything to undo whatever it is he had done on his face. He clearly stated that the good of his eyes were a priority and described plastic surgery procedures as a waste of time and money. He ended it by saying he is living happy now and isn’t considering going for further plastic surgeries.