Mary Lucy Denise Marilu Henner better known as Marilu Henner is an author, actress and model. Marilu Henner might not be a very tall woman but she is of average height and the reason why she is everyone’s favorite is because she has a very good and nicely shaped body. She is the type that works out a lot just to make sure she stays fit and her long legs is what makes people have the impression that she is a bit tall.

Due to her acting with other female actresses on the main screen, she was alleged to being a lesbian but that rumor was later put to rest after she dated quite a number of men and has also been married a couple of times. Some of the movies she has featured in include The man who loved women, Titanic, Blood brothers, My son is innocent and many more.

For some individuals age is nothing less than a number and holds no significance to the way the look as they get older. At least there appearance over the years has made sure of that. Marilu Henner is one of those very few individuals whose appearance as they get older has proved that they will always look good regardless of their age.


marilu henner plastic surgery

She has held on to her youthful appearance despite the fact that she is over half the age of a centurion. This fact has lead to the growing speculations that she might have been using plastic surgery down the years to keep her natural beauty.

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Since her appearance has refused to changed as she becomes older by age the rumors has continued to spread like wild fire and majority of individuals are saying that it is almost impossible or rather very difficult for anyone to keep their natural beauty without the help of plastic surgery.

The speculations regarding her involvement with plastic surgery are still unknown about the type of plastic surgery that she might have undergone to prolong her beauty. There are very few plastic surgery procedures that aging individuals rely on to keep their beauty.

Botox injections and face lift are two main plastic surgery procedures that many used and Marilu appearance is all tightened up and stretched which simply points out to the fact that she have used such to enhance her appearance.

marilu henner botox

Also Botox injection is one that never go unused and there are no doubts that she has undergone Botox injections to help her eliminate all forms of aging effects that includes wrinkles and help promote her appearance.

In her before and after photos, there are a lot of changes in the way that she appears. It is also obvious that she called upon other cosmetic procedures such as fillers to eradicate any sagging part and uplift the old skins to enable her looking refreshed.

Aside from all the plastic surgery that she underwent it really didn’t result to any disaster and her appearance will always need frequent plastic surgery checkup to help maintain her appearance as time goes by. Her appearance has become a concerned for her fans who think that she may get addicted with the procedures and might end up ruining her appearance in the future.

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