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Hillary Clinton is the woman icon of power and success in the world. She has served America as Secretary of State, New York State Senator, and First Lady in flying colors. Though not to mention the state of embarrassment that she went through when her husband Bill Clinton was alleged of sexual scandal with his secretary.

Other than these small hiccups, she keeps going with an unprecedented record in the world history. It won’t be wrong if she is called as the queen of America after being at the highest powers of America.

She was elected as the first woman of New York Senate and first lady of Washington DC by public office. She managed to win higher primaries and delegates than other presidential candidates in 2008. Hillary is definitely a role model for women and young girls in the world.

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Hillary Clinton Plastic Surgery

hillary clinton plastic surgery

So what if such an icon is insecure with her physical appearance and chooses plastic surgery as an option to overcome it? Hillary Clinton is responsible to provide numerous public and media appearances in her everyday life. In the current state of world, having a good face and appeal is of primary importance to be successful in the society. Hillary Clinton is alleged for having facelift surgery on her face. This first came as a mainstream rumor from Fox News.

The presenters had did some intense research on the matter and hypothesized that Hillary Clinton had a plastic surgery on her face to spruce up her beauty for making a good appearance in the White House Bid 2016. Stevey Nick from Fox News pointed out that Hillary Clinton appears different in her newly launched website. This website went online after she retired from the position of Secretary of State.

The pictures on the website are seemingly more glamorous than the media pictures taken when she was in power. The pressure to look good after being in the public service is what has made Hillary Clinton to go for plastic surgery to change her face a bit.

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For a fact, we all know Hillary Clinton loos well refreshed for a woman who should be in her sixties and everyone couldn’t help but notice how her looks have changed while she ran for presidency recently. Hillary Clinton’s face isn’t used to having bright eyes and looking so fresh and if it can’t be attributed to having plastic surgery then what else could it be. Could it be good sex, going on vacation, having lots of rest or she has found a new man.

Judging from all the facts that we have discussed, it is fair enough to think Hillary Clinton must have been under the knife and she is quite lucky to find a plastic surgeon who was able to do such a great work on her face and body. However, Howard Wolfson who is Hillary Clinton’s advisor has publicly denied the allegations and when Hillary was asked the same question if she has tried plastic surgery, she replied asking if they wanted to check for scars.