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Chelsea Clinton the daughter of Hillary Clinton is now 39 years old. Speculations are coming about her being involved in taking chelsea clinton plastic surgery. We doubt that her mother has inspired her to take up decision to go under the knife. Hillary Clinton in the past few years is continuously involved in making herself appear better in front of the public. Like her mother, Chelsea being not satisfied with her natural face has taken plastic surgery treatments.

She is alleged to have done these changes before her marriage with Marc Mezvinsky. Chelsea had openly agreed to the claims about cosmetic changes in nose and cheeks. We think chelsea clinton plastic surgery on Chelsea’s face is more severe involving cheek and jaw implants. Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Will Mathew from Manhattan says that Chelsea along with nose reshaping treatments have altered her face in a different way by using face augmentation surgery.

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chelsea clinton plastic surgery

Before and after images of Chelsea, tell a similar story. Her nose was big and round in the earlier images. But now the nose is pinched and free of natural bumps. It appears narrower than before. Chelsea’s face work is not at all a disaster. She appears positive after the treatment. Even though she tells that surgery was done only once, Chelsea Clinton’s nose continues to change.

We think that she is using injections on the face to appear more beautiful and charming.  After largely being involved in the plastic surgery medications, we think that she seems to be satisfied with her appearance. Dr. William Hades quotes “Fillers are being extensively used in Hollywood and celebrity world”. He also notes that like any other celebrity, Chelsea might get another surgery to make her lips bigger in future. The photos of Chelsea also show enhanced teeth.

For a longtime, Chelsea had been trying to get into limelight like her father Bill Clinton and mother Hillary Clinton. In coming times, she could run for elections and charm the public with her remade face.

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chelsea clinton transformation

Chelsea Clinton plastic surgery move was one way for her to be able to modify or make positive changes to her face and one part of her face that she succeeded in modify was her upper lip. This modification helped in making her appearance more better and beautiful. As famous as her parents were and also as she was starting to rise, she realized that nose, lips and gums were disappointing so she felt the need to take necessary action.

The positive to take from Chelsea Clinton plastic surgery move was she decided to make changes to her face by settling for the natural and light process. This is quite different from celebrities like Daryl Hannah and Kate Gosselin who made complete alterations to their face therefore making them hard to recognize. What this tells you is Chelsea Clinton plastic surgery move contributed in making or developing a better part of herself.

As a result of her tasteful and hardworking choices, her career and marriage has kicked off on the right foot.