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Christina Hendricks Plastic Surgery – A Blessing Or A Curse

It is easy to notice Christina Hendricks’s multiple plastic surgeries through her photos. The 37-year-old actress is one of the best good looking women in the U.S and quoted as the sexiest woman by Esquire magazine in 2010. Some of the speculations as usual have come from the people about her body being fake because of multiple sculpting, she had done over the years using plastic surgery.

Christina Hendricks is known for her role in Mad Men, AMC television series where she plays the role of Joan Harris. She has a perfect glass shaped body like a 25-year-old which keeps everyone in wonder. Christina Hendricks has never admitted about the plastic surgeries, but we can’t simply rule them out. If she has gone through plastic surgery treatments, then most probably it would be a nose job and breast implants. Some people claim that she had multiple plastic surgeries.

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Christina Hendricks Plastic Surgery

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The breast implants and nose job are the most talked about while Christina is addressed to surgeries. The sexy figure that she has is not entirely natural. It has both artificial and natural elements that perfectly go together to create a sexy appearance. Many women actresses and models inspired by Christina’s body have also changed their appearance using plastic surgery.

Christina is known for her breasts that overhang out of her dress. But the past pictures show a different story. She had small breasts which over time turned big to be envied. This is possible only by getting breast implants. The breasts that she now has are large and overhanging and the same has put her into the list of top sexy women in the world. Dr. Walden Smith, Christina’s plastic surgeon in an undisclosed interview tells about how he had given a voluptuous body to her. You can find more information about the surgery at

He has confirmed that her breasts are unnatural and her sexiness has everything to do with plastic surgery. Along with breast implants, she also has gone through nose treatments. The nose of hers is now more refined than before. In the past, her nose was thicker, but now it is thinner and pinched. No matter the surgeries are done on her body,  she still has an awesome body that everyone looks for.

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Christina Hendricks on her own part has disclosed that she is sick of listening to the Christina Hendricks plastic surgery rumors claiming that she had a breast implant. She has made it clear that her boobs are one hundred percent natural and not artificial. To know more about this procedure visit here. Looking at all of her pictures and comparing the past to the present, I cannot help but wonder why someone would not think she had breast implants.

It is quite obvious that the American actress and model had breast implant surgery because by merely looking at her old and recent pictures, one can easily tell that her boobs were quite normal before but have gotten bigger now and are clearly seeking attention. This is also not a result of aging and also the use of push-up bras cannot make the breasts look so big. Clearly, this is the job of a plastic surgeon.