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Rumors about plastic surgeries are a common thing in the celebrity world. For quite some time, media and fans are talking about the plastic surgery of Suzanne Somers and calling it a disaster. Suzanne Somers is a popular American writer and actress. She made her first appearance in TV shows such as Step by Step and Three’s company. As she is living her life in 60s, it is nothing strange to speculate about plastic surgeries.

Looking at some of Suzanne’s new photos she seems quite youthful but the only flaw is the lips. Many don’t believe she looks anything natural. And even the plastic surgeons who agree with this can have made many comments. Dr. Uniz Nassif and Dr. Jennifer Chloe think that Suzanne made a mistake by getting plastic surgery. Also, they added that the face of her doesn’t look natural in any way.

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Suzanne Somers Plastic Surgery

The treatments that Suzanne has taken are brow lift, face-lift, fat grafts and lip fillers. These are only rumors and have no confirmations whatsoever. Suzanne has not made any comments on her change in the face. The proof that we only have is recent and before photos of her. She might also need some breast implants and a rhinoplasty to get a good-looking appearance in the body. At her age, it is not good to expect a beautiful appearance. But getting some changes will help her to turn the odd face back to normal.

No doubt, the plastic surgery rumors about Suzanne Somers are true. The changes are clearly visible in her photos. She looks like some kind of plastic toy with this face.  The surgeries when done properly can give a person a youthful appearance, but they go wrong they can ruin a person’s face and this is what has happened with Suzanne Somers. We advise Suzanne to redo her lips and clean up this mess.

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One thing Suzanne Somers is quite popular for is for her roles in some notable television shows. Quite an amount of critics and bloggers have reached the conclusion that Suzanne Somers must have been under the knife just to maintain the beauty she had as a child but at 72 today, Suzanne is still faced with the task of making sure her body stays intact. She is however one of the sexiest figures in Hollywood and is also a businesswoman, singer and writer.

Suzanne Somers is a renowned figure in the Hollywood industry and somehow still manages to make the headlines even if it has nothing to do with her acting skills. Some time ago she made the headlines once more when people were talking about botched stem cell facelift. Before her plastic surgery move, Suzanne Somers was a strong advocate of organic methods, working out and also eating properly.

If you considered her actions and words in the past, you would definitely come to the conclusion that Suzanne wasn’t the type to settle for plastic surgery just to look good. In conclusion, all we can say is her plastic surgery move also contributed to her relevance in the industry.