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The use of plastic surgery is most common among older persons. This is because the majority of them fear that they could lose their natural youthful appearance to aging effects, and that is the truth. So for this reason they mostly prefer to undergo plastic surgery as an alternative to continue looking good despite their old age.

Cheryl’s age has given her every reason to undergo plastic surgery to help her maintain her natural youthful appearance. Her involvement with plastic surgery didn’t produce the desired results as she would have wanted. Rather it presented her with an opportunity to regret the procedures she has undergone.

Her decision to undergo plastic surgery was because she felt she was aging and that it will ruin her appearance. Taking a proper look at her past and present photos, it is obvious that she really did something that altered her looks. Judging from the effects of her pictures, there are certain areas that are very clear that she underwent plastic surgery.


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Such areas are like her facial appearance that indicates the use of Botox injections and Facelift, Nose job, Fillers and a possible blepharoplasty. Botox and facelift plastic surgery is the most commonly used plastic surgery used by aging individuals. The use of this plastic surgery completely improved her look other than the Botox injection which proved to her been overused.

The overdone Botox injection gave her a plastic appearance and got rid of human facial expressions. Her recent photos indicate that her eye area looks free from aging marks such as eye bags. The eye lift helped removed all that. A nose job is very popular as well many individuals use it to straighten their nose to their choice or use the procedure to correct birth or accident marks on the nose.

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For Cheryl, her nose has looked a lot thinner and straight with the tip looking a lot pointed. Some fans have shared their opinion that her decision to undergo a nose job wasn’t necessary since she already possesses a better nose prior to the plastic surgery. Apart from the visible effects that have already been discussed, it is also obvious that she had fillers to help improve her appearance.

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Her lip has suddenly looked full and sensuous and likewise her cheek. The only plastic surgery procedure that ruined her appearance is the overdone Botox injection. Nevertheless, she still looks cool and attractive.

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After being under the knife and passing through some facial changing procedures, Cheryl Ladd now looks completely unrecognizable and the former star of Charlie’s angel now looks like an entirely different creature. The fact is Cheryl Ladd’s plastic surgery rumors are totally undeniable by mere looking at her face and also at her before and after pictures.

What it shows is that she did some work on her face and also the possibility of looking extremely unnatural and also quite younger than how she is meant to look would raise extra dust.