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Mark McGrath Plastic Surgery Rumors. Are They True?

The popular band vocalist has been rumored to have undergone plastic surgery procedures to keep his appearance looking younger despite his age. His appearance over the years has been the talk of the town and many individuals are starting to spread the rumors that he underwent the knife.

These rumors have spread like wide fire to the entire region and all thanks to the media and fans that have been keeping up close tabs with his appearance ever since he began hitting the stage with his style of music.

Mark McGrath has been rumored to have undergone these plastic surgery procedures. And his before and after photo, identifies that there have been slight changes in those areas over the years. Judging from both photos, His face area holds no sign of aging effects such as wrinkles, aging marks and face lines.

These wonderful results can only be achieved with the aid of plastic surgery. Thou it is possible for many to argue that such appearance can also be natural or been aided by good diet and exercise.

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Mark Mcgrath Plastic Surgery


Nevertheless, his face also appears fuller for a man of his age and this could also be the result of face fillers. The fillers completely helped eradicated sagging around his facial areas and also it could be well argued that there has been a change in his nose area which is as a result of the nose job he underwent.

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However, all speculations and rumors hold no solid ground since the star is yet to confirm his involvement in plastic surgery and also little or no plastic surgeon has given any comment about the rumors. Overtime celebrities that are afraid of losing their natural appearance to old age have all been involved in plastic surgeries such as Botox injections and fillers, Rhinoplasty and lasers as well.

Recently, Mark had to respond to all the plastic surgery allegations and rumors that have been linked with him and his response was not new to us. He clearly denied ever having been under the knife.

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After his celebrity big brother appearance, fans and the entire public were stunned by his new look and also how young he looks and this raised suggestions and talks that he must have been under the knife.


Mark McGrath started his response by saying the rumors are silly and he doesn’t have to respond to any of those accusations or allegations. He said ridiculously that he has never had anything to do with plastic surgery hinting that his good looks are all-natural.

He also tweeted describing the comments of surgeons about him getting plastic surgery as “funny” and insists he was living in the real world.

Mark McGrath is a huge boxing fan even though he has clearly stated that he isn’t a fighter. He just loves the courage and toughness that is required to being a boxer. Sometimes, he gets mistaken for Ethan Hawke by some fans and this has really got him wondering if they really do look alike. In 1998, Peoples Magazine named Mark McGrath as the sexiest rocker.

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