Born on December 3rd in 1980, Jenna Lee Dewan is one public figure who has been on the lips of many following her new charming and attractive looks. She kicked off her career as a background dancer and has worked with some prominent people like N’ SYNC, Janet Jackson, Missy Elliot and also Ricky Martin. Asides from dancing, she has also featured in some movies like “Take the Lead”, “Waterborne”, “Hot Chick” before she finally had a major breakthrough in the movie “Step Up”.

In July 2009, Jenna Dewan got married to her co-actor in Step Up Channing Tatum. Jenna Dewan currently stars in the Witches of East End as Freya Beauchamp but also gained more recognition for her role in American Horror Story; Asylum where she played as Teresa Morrison and her role in Playboy Club where she played as Bunny Janie. At 38, Jenna Dewan is quite envied by so many women and this isn’t just because she is married to Channing Tatum but also because of her irresistible looks and beauty.

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Jenna Dewan is now a hot topic among fans and media because of her new looks. Many believe she got these looks from plastic surgery treatments. Jenna Dewan definitely got a lot of benefits after going through the plastic surgery. She looks fabulous and beautiful. But many think that these looks are not natural. For those who can’t make out the changes, Jenna will look like a goddess.

The rumors about Jenna keep coming and they indicate to usual plastic surgery procedures such as breast augmentation, check implants, and nose job. Also, some point out changes in her nose. The nose looks a bit different than before which could be the result of rhinoplasty or reshaping and they were quite obvious as pictures of her nose from her old photos were very much different from recent photos. Many celebrities have always preferred having a narrow nose and Jenna Dewan has opted the same.

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Jenna Dewan Plastic Surgery

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The main news about Jenna Dewan’s plastic surgery is about the cheek implants. The cheeks of her in the recent photos look different from before. This might be because she has used implants in the cheeks and injections to plump them. Also, her breasts have become bigger within few months. This is natural not possible unless she is pregnant. We know she is not married yet and so can’t be pregnant at this time.

The bigger breasts of Jenna are a result of breast augmentation. The breasts are rounder and bigger than before. The new breasts are definitely sexy and hot. Jenna Dewan has been going off in the media for a while. So to come back into the limelight she must have taken surgeries to improve her look. Moreover, her neckline is tight and smooth than before. Jenna Dewan is an inspiration to those women who are not satisfied with their bodies and face.


If some girl wants to get a sexy look as Jenna, they should definitely contact Jenna and ask about her doctor.

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