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It is very unnatural for celebrities to confess to themselves about their plastic surgeries. Kathy Griffin, in this case, is an exception. She has openly admitted her plastic surgery, facial changes and also her addiction to Botox and chemical peels. During the course of her career, she has undergone liposuction, brow lifts, and nose job surgeries.

Kathy Griffin Plastic Surgery

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Thanks to her career as a comedian, she won’t be much affected by the information revealed. The changes in her face are nicely done with ensuring evenness without disturbing the original outline of the face. She now somewhat looks like ‘Suddenly Susan’ from 1996. No doubt becoming younger was the point of all this surgery.


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Kathy Griffin is now 53 years old, who is living a mature age. It is admitted that she has changed her face many times during her career using plastic surgery and other methods. She also had weight problems which didn’t last long. She bounced back in shape and now has a perfect figure that mature women could possibly have.

In her interview, she confessed that she had done liposuction and Rhinoplasty for enhancing her lips. With a bit of keen comparison, we can also notice that she has lifted her eyebrows and her skin has turned fresh which could be because of chemical peeling. Kathy is a bold actress, and she has never denied her attempts to change her appearance.

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The treatments that she has taken include chemical peeling, liposuction, face lifting, hair treatment, breast treatment, and breast augmentation. Kathy Griffin got her decision to go for surgery because of a number of reasons. The real truth here is the craving for becoming sexy and young that fans and industry would envy. But also growing age can make a face appear dull and sunken. So these celebrities end up going for plastic surgery to take the wrinkles off the skin.

However, what people do not know is that Kathy Griffin almost died after having liposuction. While she was writing one of her books, the comedienne revealed that she wanted women to know the dangers involved in all these plastic surgery procedures. In her own words, she said, “I want women out there to know what lipo is all about and ask if they really want to get it done”.

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The comedienne also mentioned she could not figure out why she wasted so much of her time worrying about her facial looks because she certainly isn’t one of the popular runway models in Milan and even when people come to her show, they would be expecting to see her face and not someone like Jennifer Aniston. Kathy Griffin also disclosed that at age 26, she already had plastic surgery on her nose because she was impressionable and young.

From all that she revealed, she was talked into getting a nose job as most of the time, people made certain remarks about her nose and sometimes they made claims that she would look more beautiful and attractive if she had a nose job done. Furthermore, she also revealed something shocking and that is making use of illegal drugs in an attempt to lose weight.