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Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery Disaster

Joyce Meyer is one of the world-renowned charismatic preachers, writers, and teachers in the Christian fraternity. Her training and sermons are held all around the world. Thousands of people follow and believe in her ideas of Christianity.

She believes in assisting people to improve their daily life and relationships by becoming true to god. But god loving Joyce Meyer is not looking the same anymore. Her mouth has changed and her lips look very different.

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We guess she in some way wanted to have the lips of Angeline Jolie. But seriously, It doesn’t look good anymore. We think she had given her face under the knife to look good in front of her followers.

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Is Joyce Meyer looking good after the surgery?

The top augmentation for Joyce Meyer didn’t go well. She was hoping for a perfect horned pout and rounded mouth. But sadly instead she received a weird mouth that appears to be very big than her face. Her face now looks out of proportion.

It might be because she took treatments from a novice doctor. The injections were done on the incorrect part of her lips. It looks like her plastic surgery went into partial palsy giving her a weird face.

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In spite of all the arguments and opinions concerning the then and now Joyce Meyer, one fact that cannot be overlooked is a chin improvement surgery. In before photos, you could tell that cheek traces streamed naturally into her jaw but staring at her present photos, her cheek looks quite clear of this cheek traces.

Let us bring this to your notice too, thinner lips are attractive and alluring and this is because a lot of actresses in the Hollywood industry have tried inflating their lips. Joyce Meyer’s lips seem to look more of plastic and less normal and thus has contributed to giving her a stiff appearance as well as paralyzing her facial strength.

How is Joyce Meyer’s career going after plastic surgery?

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Even though these alternations have made her look funny and weird the number of faithful followers coming to her gathering has not reduced. People like to hang with her and listen to her teachings without judging her face very much. She believes that God doesn’t judge a person by face but by good deeds.

She wanted her face to be young and opted for plastic surgery. But she failed to get the best out of it. She is continually spreading Christian ideals even though her diabolic smile makes some of us say “oh no”.

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Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery

Joyce Meyer, living her late years and continuing to make appearances in front of the people were expected to use plastic surgery to make her face appear better. It became true and she certainly has used some injections and liposuctions on her face.

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She has no facial lines on her face which show that she is been taking plastic surgery treatments to look good in front of the audience. Whatever may be her intentions, we definitely advise her to get a good plastic surgeon to fix her Jokester looking face.

No matter how creepy her face may look, Joyce Meyer has never confessed to having a plastic surgery done on any part of her body or face and this has also made sure that the jury has been kept out on her case. There is really to prove that any form of procedure was carried out on her face.