When it comes to our sexuality, both men and women have desires and needs to be fulfilled, no matter what they may be. Very often people are not aware that in the world of sex toys, there actually are toys designed solely for male pleasure. Whether it be to add some spice into a relationship or for masturbation purposes, there are various sex toys available on the market to satisfy every man’s sexual desire.

Sex toys certainly have evolved over the years and where masturbation toys for men were primarily focused on straight men and relationships, the great thing is that through the evolution of masturbation becoming less of a taboo, along with the acceptance of gay and bisexual relationships and partnerships; sex toys have extended their capabilities to cater for all sexualities, tendencies and personal sexual preferences. So if you are looking to spoil your man with a sexy new toy for his birthday, surprise your long-term boyfriend with taking your bedroom love to the next level, or simply looking for a little fun for yourself; take a look at five male sex toys you might not have known exists which could tickle your penis fancy!

1. Vibrating cock rings


Although the vibrating cock ring was primarily designed to focus on men and penises, there is no reason why this cannot serve both men and women, specifically when coupled in a relationship. The vibrating ring slides over the penis and wraps around the shaft. With a built-in motor and switch, the moment the cock ring is turned on, it sends vibrations down the penis shaft creating a sensation that will only tantalize and stimulate. The great thing is, when used in opposite-sex relationships or sexual encounters, the cock rings vibrations simultaneously stimulate the female clitoris; thus providing a longer erection for even longer satisfaction. There are various types of cock rings to explore, whether it is the type of material used, the design, shape, and colour, or simply the way the vibrations are controlled and programmed; you will definitely not regret introducing this into your love life.

2. Prostate massager


The prostate, or otherwise known as the male g-spot, is a double-edged sword when it comes to the reactions from most men or at least straight men. The very thought of butt-play has not always gone down so easily with men but the fact remains that this is and will be one of the best pleasure points for a man.  If you have never ever gone there or allowed your partner to go there, then perhaps starting with some gentle caressing would be a good starting point before you introduce the prostate massager. However, for those ready to take the plunge (so to speak) and to experience a prostate orgasm, the prostate massager could certainly enhance your sexual climaxes and take your bedroom play, whether alone or with a partner, into a whole new dimension – from behind!

3. The onahole


Now, this is where things get a little interesting, especially when it comes to the life-like and realistic designs of the onaholes. These have been inspired by the Japanese and when the word onahole directly translates from Japanese into English as ‘masturbation hole’, it becomes evident why this is a favorite amongst many men. If you have never seen or heard of the onaholes, then why not do a little research into which of the different styles get you excited more. Badum Tish recommends this one for many reasons and pleasure preferences. The aim is to provide a sexy masturbation toy for men with the intention of providing a life-like and artificial replica of the female vagina. With various openings that may be penetrated, different textures to choose from, and even a choice of tightness; your Friday night just became a whole lot more exciting.

4. The penis pump


For some men, it may be difficult at times to maintain an erection long enough to experience an orgasm or perhaps to form a hard enough erection that can please your partner. This can be due to a variety of reasons such as erectile dysfunction, prescribed medications, or stress. There is absolutely no harm and no shame in grabbing yourself or your partner a penis pump to ultimately assist in that department.

With so many incredibly evolved toys out on the market, there is no excuse for your love life and sexual pleasures to take the back seat. The penis pump works with a suction tube that is placed over the penis and by means of a manual or electric pump, blood is pulled into the shaft, allowing for a healthy and hard erection. Another use for the penis pump is to assist with temporary penis enlargement, especially for your partner’s pleasure.

5. Blowjob simulators


Last but certainly not least, the blow job simulators are targeted at those who love oral foreplay, and now you don’t need a partner to go down on you to experience the intense blow job orgasms you crave.  There are various types of simulators to choose from when it comes to giving yourself the feel of receiving a blowjob. From the traditional fleshlight blow job simulators to the more advanced electronically operated blow job machines; either of these is bound to give you the ultimate down under climax. If you really want to go for the full life-like experience, you can even find blow job simulators that are featured with teeth and a tongue too. Enjoy the automatic thrusting and suction functions and never go without a blow job again. There are well over a hundred different Fleshlight designs and textures and there are as many preferences, so it is inevitable that some will suit you better than others. Check out more available sex toys at AdorePassion.

Embracing your sexual desires is completely normal and no matter whether some of these mentioned above might have made you cringe out of shyness or raise an eyebrow, is there really any harm in trying any of them out? At the end of the day, it is what you prefer and is comfortable with but perhaps expanding your sexual boundaries could take you to places you have never been before.