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Everyone knows Toni Braxton. Now she is rumored to have taken plastic treatments to make her face look young and beautiful. But one thing about plastic surgery is always true. It is not one hundred percent perfect in its results. It simply rounds one’s face unless done by a good plastic surgeon. Toni Braxton is one such fortunate person who has received good plastic surgery treatments.

Tone Michelle Braxton is an American R&B singer well known for her hit single “Un-break my heart”. She opted to make changes in her face by using plastic surgery treatments for boosting her career. She was a headline on many magazines and newspapers when she had filed for bankruptcy and decided to pose for playboy magazine.

At that point, in her life many we keen to know if Tony will get plastic surgery on her face. And yes she did to get a good face and bounce back into the singing career. It appears that Tony Braxton has taken breast augmentation, nose job and Botox treatments on her face. She has openly revealed her plastic surgery changes on breasts and nose in her interviews. But has denied all rumors about taking Botox injections.

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Toni Braxton Plastic Surgery

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To have sexy and tight breasts most women, would give themselves under the knife. Breasts are the valuable assets of a woman. When a woman is a public figure, breasts are always looked by people. So to be good under the limelight many opt for breast augmentation. This not only makes their appearance good but also boosts their confidence as a celebrity.

Toni Braxton before the plastic surgery had a bigger nose that was not giving her the complete appearance that she wanted. After the surgery, she has a nose that looks longer and beautiful. The sides of the nose are slim and pointed which gives a good appearance.

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On Twitter, Toni Braxton gave her opinion about plastic surgery and told the people that they don’t need to flatter her body. She only had a boob job and nose job but no Botox treatments to look good in her. But her face looks injected with fillers that Toni Braxton may not be knowledgeable of.

One thing Toni Braxton has refused commenting on is the possibility of touching up her lower face and cheeks but when a closer look is taken at her before and after pictures, you would see how easy it is to tell that changes have been made as the way it is looking in present pictures isn’t the way it looked from the start.

Tamar also has denied a possible lip surgery as fans think she may have gone under the knife to get fuller lips. The singer denied this allegation completely insisting on the fact that she is a black woman and since her childhood, she has always had round and fuller lips. The last accusation to hit the singer was a possible tummy tuck surgery and this time, she wasted no time in putting those allegations to rest when she posted a video on her Instagram page showing that hitting the gym is responsible for how her tummy looks.