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American Actress Demi Moore is surrounded by many rumours nowadays. She is said to have got 150 thousand dollar surgery and spent a lot more on diet and fitness. She does kickboxing and yoga every morning to keep herself fit and gorgeous. The plastic surgery has changed the appearance of Demi Moore largely.

She now has bigger breasts, sexy lips, and smooth belly. It seems her surgeon proposed liposuction for stomach and lips to give her the body that she was expecting to have. In addition, an eyebrow lift is done to camouflage the plastic appearance. There are also signs of Botox injection on her face done for chemical peeling. The shape her nose is slightly narrow and pinched now.

demi moore plastic surgery

Why Demi Moore had plastic surgery?

Demi Moore is married to a much younger actor Aston Kutcher must have been insecure about her appearance.  Also, many fans were also not happy with the aged appearance of Demi Moore and the attention to her was fading away. This is why she opted to have plastic surgery to keep her husband and fans happy.

But this went the way round when Aston Kutcher filed a divorce against her in 2012. It seems Aston Kutcher was not happy with the new look of Demi Moore. Nevertheless, she revealed that her plastic surgery was just to stay ageless in the movie industry. Unfortunately, her efforts to impress her husband were not successful.

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She had spent a lot of money on multiple surgeries such as liposuction, Botox injection, Breast implantation, and Browlift. Though she didn’t get the response she expected, now she is again ready for new relationships. After the surgery, Demi Moore looks wrinkle-free and clear of the ageing sings. Her face is tight and free of droopiness on her jaws.  She is a wealthy woman who has spent thousands of dollars on various plastic surgery treatments to get a nice face.

demi moore facelift

Her cheeks have lessened over the years. This shows the use of Restylane and Juvederm injections on her face. When people get older, dark spots appear on her skin. This was the case with Demi Moore during the early 2000s but it has just disappeared now. She must have used chemical peeling and skin toning techniques to get these results.

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demi moore facelift

At such an older stage of her life, Demi Moore has been able to achieve that younger look and this owes to the fact that she has spent a whopping amount of money in remodelling not just her face but her entire body. While speaking with french Marie Claire, Demi Moore completely denied ever having plastic surgery done on any part of her body claiming that the rumours are all false and she would not judge anyone who decides to have plastic surgery to look good.

Mrs Moore added that if a person feels having plastic surgery is the best thing for them then she doesn’t see a problem with it and she also went on to claim that she isn’t a fan of having plastic surgery done just to hold up the face and body from ageing.