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Dennis Avner plastic surgery is one of the well known most extreme plastic surgery of all. According to data he has spent over $200,000 on plastic surgery to get the unlikely look on his face. This is a crafted surgery to look like a cat. His eyebrows, cheeks, skin and nose are tweaked to be like a human cat. We have seen many makeup artists but this is a complete bummer from Dennis Avner to change his face forever.

When someone take plastic surgery treatment, they want to get back their natural face or improve it to look better. But in case of Dennis Avner, he wanted to look like a cat for his entire life. He is happy with this face but for the people it seems to be a plastic surgery disaster. Dennis must have spent countless hours at his personal plastic surgeon’s office to get the Catman or Stalking cat appearance.

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dennis avner plastic surgery

With some makeup on the face he can also turn into a tiger or Jaguar. The Native Americans have their culture to follow their totem animal and seek its positive qualities. Denver Avner must be a passionate Native American to get this type of animalistic plastic surgery on his face. To get a face like this use of extreme implants are necessary. Steel holders and Fanged denture plate are used in the plastic surgery procedure of Denver Avner.

The Seattle times in a column specified why Denver Avner is doing this to himself. They are saying that Denver has a dsymorphic disorder which gives him a obsessive mind to appear like an animal. While having plenty of money in the bank, he can get himself the appearance he dreams of. We confirm that this is not actually a Denver Avner plastic surgery disaster. He has done this to himself with full consent.

The plastic surgeon has given him the look that he asked for not he accidentally turned into a cat.

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Dennis Avner gained so much popularity all over the world for his decision to transform his looks to that of a cat and there are facts and evidences that he had over fourteen plastic surgeries to achieve the cat look. He is considered as the world’s extreme celebrity when it comes to plastic surgery The reason for this was because he wanted to share the same look with his spiritual symbol which is a tiger. This was what he believed in.

Several plastic surgeons had a thing or two to say about Dennis Avner plastic surgery look and they all agreed on something which is Dennis suffered from dysmorphic disorder which means being obsessed with his body and wanting it to be changed.

They also said that the plastic surgery was carried in an irreversible way meaning he cannot change the look once it was done and they also added that the plastic surgeons in charge of such plastic surgery procedure were all irresponsible for agreeing to carry out such plastic surgery move.