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The hit television star Patrick Dempsey of Grey Anatomy is been alleged to have made changes to his nose using plastic surgery treatments. Well, all the rumors and speculations seem to be true in one go when before and after photos of Patrick Dempsey are looked at. It looks as if he was very concerned with his nose. He had to take rhinoplasty treatment to get a woody shaped nose.

Patrick Dempsey appeared on the big screen during the premiere of the movie, Maid of Honor. The 53-year-old was starred upon when his nose was changed in shape. Well, this nose will be helpful for him to play teen geek and other humorous characters as he always does on the television.

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Patrick Dempsey Plastic Surgery

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The new nose of Patrick is big, woody, wide bridged and bulbous at the tip. The nose now is thinner along the bridge. Overall, he now has a crooked nose that gives him a charming presence in funny movies. But we will never know if Patrick himself wished for the nose or the plastic surgeons simply gave him one. The crooked nose of Patrick looks real and manly. It is not perfect as many celebrities would try to have on their face and turn on femininity.

Dempsey now looks middle-aged with a good physique. His face has turned red and this could be the result of using Botox and facial fillers. The lines on the face are no longer visible. The flow of the skin is uniform with shallow contours.  The botox has helped him to keep his skin youthful. There are also signs of laser skin procedures such as Pixel, Active Fx AND Fraxel.

Patrick Dempsey is looking hot after the nose job in a funny way. The surgery will definitely give him more career options in the television and movie industry. He could be starred in comedy genre movies in the future.

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Withal of his talents, Patrick Dempsey at the age of 12 was diagnosed to be Dyslexic but his belief in his dreams made sure he didn’t turn out to be a handicap. He also showed the world he could be more than an actor when he entertained in motor racing. However, the entertainment industry is one that is loaded with stars who constantly think they have something to prove in order to remain in the limelight.

Patrick Dempsey never denied and also never admitted having a nose job but the way his nose looks right now is the reason why the internet is buzzing over the recent shape and appearance of his nose. One notable fact that everyone has noted about Patrick Dempsey is how he has been able to transform himself from being just the boy next door to a manly hulk.

As much as we are in the business of writing about celebrities who have one time or more in their lives undergone plastic surgery, we do not condemn the process. It is totally and completely wrong to try and judge anyone who has had plastic surgery just to make some corrections about the imperfections on the body. Regardless of Patrick truly worked on himself or not, it actually turned out good for him.