Is Cindy Crawford Plastic Surgery Allegations True?

Plenty of plastic surgery rumors are swirling around about Cindy Crawford. Even after reaching near to 50s, she is amazing and beautiful to look at. Her face is still flawless and smooth without the sign of crow lines, wrinkles or any other sunken qualities. What is really making her this attractive beating every natural sign of aging? Does this have something to do with plastic surgery or she has another secret for enjoying the fountain of youth until her last days? Let’s find out.

Hollywood celebrities and models seem to go for plastic surgery when they realize that their face is getting old. To get the youthful appearance celebrities today can afford on any treatment available in the medical book. The recent reports about Cindy Crawford have some info about the surgical procedures that she used to enhance her appearance and be youthful. The question is how good will she looks after having all these cosmetic surgeries.

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Cindy Crawford Plastic Surgery

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Looking at the before and after photos of Cindy Crawford gives us the idea that she is appearing younger than her age. This could be because of using facial filler or dermal injections such as Botox. The face is fresh and smooth despite being 53 years old which is really impressive and at the same doubtful. But this is not new. Many other women seem to have found great results by using plastic surgery. One such example is Whitney Cummings.

Dr. Adam Brenham the expert plastic surgeon in Los Angeles says that Cindy’s is looking fantastic after the plastic surgery. He is impressed by the modern cosmetic science that has advanced greatly and is now able to turn old faces younger like never done before. The Botox and collagen treatments are almost complete in their results.

Every time an expert surgeon uses them, the face becomes smooth and wrinkles like a young girl. Though the results are not as same as natural skin, they seem to give a similar young appearance to a person. Dr. Aston J said that” Cindy has used Botox injections on her face and cheek implants to get her new attractive look”. Her cheeks look fuller and higher than before. If someone wants to get plastic surgery on their face then ask Cindy about her doctor. Her plastic surgeons have done a great job.

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With her trademark beauty spot right above her lip, high cheekbones and also long legs, one of the few female celebrities that has been able to make people stare and necks turn for several decades in the entertainment industry is Cindy Crawford. Regarding the use of cosmetic procedures to look younger and more beautiful, the model disclosed that plastic surgery is not a process that she looks down on or tends to judge saying it has to be a personal decision.

However, while commenting about plastic surgery, she once said making use of creams is good when you want to improve the texture of your skin but if you want your skin to retain its elasticity then you have to start making use of collagen, botox and vitamin injections.