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J Lo, Jennifer Lopez is like by many people all around the world. She is a dancer, singer, actress, fashion designer, television personality currently judge at American idol and also a television producer.

How could a celebrity at such age escape from the rumors on the internet forums, chat rooms, and blogs. Most people reading the speculations would not mind to have a second thought on everything said about Jennifer Lopez because she is still looking naturally beautiful and charming.

Jennifer Lopez is known for her versatility. She engages herself in various activities of Hollywood and stays always in limelight. The vitality and beauty that Lopez has comes from Puerto Rican origin. It seems like she has her hands over the fountain of youth. Maybe the secret lies in the hands of her plastic surgeon. Even though there are plastic surgery rumors about Jennifer Lopez, she is not constantly targeted to these speculations.

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Fans read the rumors and forgot the next moment they see her. The reason for this is her natural looking face that removes all the denial from the minds of her fans. But we are her to show you what is real and what’s not.

By examining the before and after photos of Jennifer Lopez we will show the real Jennifer Lopez and reveal secrets. E in an interview at Jimmy Falon once said “ I know many of the celebrities getting enhancements, but I don’t do it”. Well, this statement is not true anymore.

She had to take plastic surgery treatments when she reached her 40s. Many plastic surgeons say the same thing about Lopez. They find signs of botox injections and lip enhancement in the case of E. Dr. Ken Miller, after seeing the photos of Jennifer Lopez believes that Jennifer Lopez has smoothened her face and taken eye brow lift treatments. When presented with the photos of Lopez as a so-called plastic surgery celebrity, several doctors have weighed in with their views and professional opinions.

Also her nose is pointed now which shows the signs of rhinoplasty. The jennifer lopez plastic surgery has some kind of resemblance with the Catherine Zeta plastic surgery.

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It is quite amazing how Jennifer Lopez has been able to maintain such an outstanding figure and looks all these years. She has been relevant in the industry for over thirty years and the fact still remains that she looks very much younger and hotter than other female celebrities who are even not up to half her age. Despite giving birth to twins, Jennifer Lopez has fine shaped breasts which got people to suspect she must have had boob job.

She is however yet to address the boob job speculation that is going on about her at the moment. Also, in all her years in the industry, she has been able to maintain a fine shaped bum and this is why people often think she has one of the best shapes the industry has ever seen. It is quite crazy to think Jennifer Lopez hasn’t been under the knife for any reason and if that may be the case then what is responsible for appealing looks?  What could be the magic behind such outstanding looks?