Christa Miller has been denying plastic surgery allegations forever. She denies every rumor about her facelift, nose job, boob job, and facial fillers. But we will solve her mystery once for all. Even though she makes countless denials about the plastic surgery, we will use before and after photos of Christa Miller to find the truth behind her beautiful face.

Some fans or followers think that she gets younger while her age is increasing. Many find this creepy and share that her older face was nice and beautiful than her today’s face. The first rumors came by when she made her appearance on TBS sitcom Cougar town in 2013. Her appearance was youthful and gorgeous at the time. Many found it tough to digest the fact that woman living in her 40s could appear like a 20 year old.

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christa miller plastic surgery

People think that Christa Miller has taken cheek implants, Restylane, Blepharoplasty and Botox treatments. Christa Miller is a popular American actress who was starred in many television comedies. Cougar Town is the most prominent television show that she was a part of sitcom since 2009. The 48-year-old actress looks fabulous today. Recently there was a controversy surrounding this woman.

She was accused by Jill Littman the Manager of Cougar Town crew about some exploitation of studio setup. She had to pay $300,000 as compensation. But Christa Miller rejected the allegations the show owner is Bill Lawrence her own husband. The case was handled by LA County court. It seems that Christina got the part in Cougar town because of her beauty than the acting skills.

When the before and after photos of Christa Miller are given a close look one can see changes in her eyes. She is claimed to have taken Blepharoplasty surgery. Again the lines around the eye and wrinkles have disappeared which shows that she has taken Botox treatments. Also the cheeks show a plastic appearance when Christa Miller tries to smile in front of the camera. All this hold good with the plastic surgery treatment.

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christa miller facelift

No matter how long Christa Miller would love to keep denying all of the plastic surgery allegations and rumors being linked with her, the results and conclusions drawn from the before and after photos are actually very glaring. To some fans, Christa Miller looks absolutely good after getting all of these surgeries done while to the rest, they think she looked more better and more beautiful before the surgery.

Looking at Christa Miller’s cheeks, alot can be said about the difference in cheek presently compared to before. Her face now has a more pronounced cheek shape line while the shape of her face also looks wider. A squared jaw, a smooth jaw line and a higher cheek line all contribute to making sure her face has a unique oval shape.

Dr Anthony Youn also addressed Christa Miller’s plastic surgery allegations too and admitted that it appears the actress got her lips injected with fillers. The injection is likely to be restylane and he also agreed that the actress must have had Botox and also worked on her upper eyelids.