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Joe Buck

Joe Buck was given birth in the year 1969 25th April in the city of Florida (precisely in St Petersburg). Over the years Joe Buck has been involved in casting sport news and this has boosted his net worth to $ 15 million. There is speculation that his father Jack Buck who is regarded as a legend in the sport casting field had a role to play in the decision of his son following his foot step.

Joe Buck isn’t new to sport casting and has won several awards (Emmy Awards) to his credits. He once worked as an announcer for the NFL and Major League Baseball Coverage. Joe Buck started his career in the late 80’s when he was still in college at Indiana University. He worked as a reporter for various firms which include: Knox, ESPN radio and others. But it was not until he was hired in the year 1994 by FOX network that he became popular.

Joe Buck broke the record of becoming the youngest broadcaster in the history of the NFL (National Football League) on TV and ever since he was handed the role, he has gone on to be at the helm of the NFL broadcast on TV. Joe Buck has appeared in a number of commercials and guest talk as well not forgetting the fact that he has hosted himself on a sport talk show back in 2009 on Jack Buck Live (HBO).

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Later in Joe’s Buck career he was forced to step down as the lead announcer for the NFL game after he contacted a virus that affected his left vocal cord and resulting to his inability to speak properly. His condition didn’t hinder him from the sport totally but after he undergoing the operation needed, soon he was back to what he loves doing as the lead announcer for NFL.


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  • America

Date of Birth

  • 25th April 1969

Place of Birth

  • St Petersburg, FL


  • 51


  • Sport caster


  • 128lbs


  • 185 cm


  • Ann Buck (Divorced 2011)
  • Michelle Beisner (married. 2014)

Net Worth

  • $15 million

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