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What Fans Think About Cher Plastic Surgery

Cher is an icon for youth. But interestingly she is also a useful prototype for someone who wants to explain the results of plastic surgery to another person. She openly confirms her body changes due to plastic surgery methods that she has applied over the years. Many times magazines have quoted her as the plastic surgery poster girl.

Though she agrees that plastic surgery has helped her to keep a good face, she denies many of the rumors created about her. She says, “Not everything is true on the internet” in her interview on David Letterman’s Show. The rumors of Cher getting a rib removed and having cheek implants are simply aren’t true. If you know about the king of pop Michael Jackson, you should know who the goddess of Pop.

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If Michael Jackson is the King of Pop then Cher is a Goddess American singer who has been popular for about 5 decades. She is presently 67 years old and this might be something that keeps her worried about her face. Anyway, we are not against plastic surgery, we appreciate her success as a singer and consider to be an icon of people.

When celebrities get older, having plastic surgeries is a common thing and Cher’s beauty can’t be justified without calling her a plastic doll. It seems like she has covered all the list of popular plastic surgeries on her body. Again all this is done adequately, which makes her too beautiful at the age of 67.

Cher Plastic Surgery

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Just looking at the picture one can make out that Cher had a facelift near the jawline. It has made her look natural and tighter. Also, eyebrow lift serves as a great part in the change of her appearance.

The next suspects are rhinoplasty and Blepharoplasty. She now has refined eyes, which is a result of blepharoplasty. The lower and upper parts of her eyes are modified by removing the extra skin around her face. The same procedure is also done on her nose to reshape it into a small and narrow one. She might get more changes on her face in the future.

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Looking at Cher’s before and after photos, one obvious fact is how puffy her cheeks have turned out to be recently and fans have suggested that the singer must have had facial fillers which must have helped in getting rid of wrinkles on her face. There is also a difference in volume around her cheek area while an awkward smile combined with an extremely flawless and smooth skin also compliments the fact that the singer must have had botox treatment.

Over the years, there were also talks that surfaced online claiming that Cher must have increased the size of her breasts. Looking from our own perspective, we can also say it’s true as by mere looking at her previous and recent photos, we can say yeah they got bigger. What this indicates is that Cher must have had a boob job to help lift her boobs but the surprise is they still look natural so they might not really be silicone.

Even at a tender age, Cher had a very beautiful face and a couple of times she has admitted to trying out plastic surgery but maintained that it wasn’t just all about the procedures but also the fact that she lived a clean lifestyle for the good of her beauty.