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Allegations surrounding Katrina Kaif Plastic Surgery

Many of us are fascinated by the beauty of actresses in our personal movie favorites. These goddess looking women are virtually uncatchable though roam around with a good makeup. They have all the glamor when seen in the movies, interviews, or while walking on the red carpet. But when the same women get plastic surgery, we all get somewhat disappointed. After we have high expectations and they find this way as the best one to stay beautiful in as long as possible.

And again trend of plastic surgery is not only left popular in Hollywood it has now even influenced Bollywood. How about Bollywood beauty Katrina Kaif getting plastic surgery. She is alleged for having a nose job done by skilled cosmetic surgeons. It was on October 19 when tabloids and magazines started posting side by side before and after surgery photos of Katrina Kaif. The actor herself has never officially revealed this but comparing the picas of her lets, us know that she is not satisfied with her appearance and wants to beget a sexy face possible.

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Katrina Kaif Plastic Surgery

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Katrina’s face looks significantly different from the movie Bang Bang and Dhoom 3. But we have to remember that comparision photos are not the best way to judge her face. The photos taken in different conditions can sometimes creates certain effects which can project irregularies. Again when the same changes get noticed in various pics then we know pretty girl has got a surgery to become more pretty than before.

Katrina is not the first girl to get the face job done. The actresses Shilpa shetty, Priyanka Chopra and Sridevi are some other popular names who are carrying around their synthetic faces.

Katrina’s nose job has been a subject of speculation for over a long period of time and judging from her old photo on the left above, it can be seen that the Bollywood actress had a bigger and wider nose. However, the situation isn’t the same when looking at her present-day pictures as Katrina’s nose now has a pointed and well-shaped and pointed nose. Her nasal bridge now has a slim look while the dome looks narrower.


Looking at all of these features surrounding her nose, one would easily conclude that the actress has had a nose job as the differences are quite too many to look away from. However, there are fans who would still think that the changes in her nose might be due to makeup highlighting and contouring. Getting a boob job is also another aspect fans are taking a look at as she was flat-chested when she started her career but now, she has a deeper cleavage.

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“Chikni Chameli” a hit song in Bollywood box office starring Katrina Kaif is one of the pieces of evidence that shows that Kat has been using some artificial ways to get that extra glamor to the looks. The puffy, immobile, swollen face of her in the song is because of the use of Botox or fillers. The excess of these can give side effects so Katrina Kaif made her decision to get plastic surgery done and change her face once for all.