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Tina Fey is one of American’s most favorite comedians and lately, the Tina Fey plastic surgery rumors have to seem to be the talk of the internet as the comedian, actress, producer and writer is always and constantly been scrutinized for her younger and beautiful looks. Another topic relating to the Tina Fey plastic surgery which the internet would also not stop talking about is the fact that she has a scar on the left side of her face and people are yet to know the reason behind the scar.

The Hollywood comedian is very popular and is well remembered as impersonating Sarah Palin. Her comedy prowess has earned her many awards and apart from her stunning career, she is also blessed with beauty that has attracted a lot of people in the entertainment industry and those outside as well. Her ever-charming beauty has led to speculations that she may have been up against plastic surgery to maintain her natural beauty.

Tina Fey Plastic Surgery

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Regarding her physical appearances it is almost impossible to admit that she has had plastic surgery done to herself. And in recent times, she popped up in an interview and when the question about plastic surgery was thrown to her, she boldly admits that getting old naturally is her wish rather than been involved in plastic surgery that is artificial. Her response in the interview still didn’t convince many people and they have concluded that she may not want to talk about it and that her appearance speaks of Botox injections.

Despite her age, there are no aging effects found on her appearance regardless of whether it is wrinkled, face lines, sagging or any other form. Her past and present photo shows little or no difference in her appearance over the years. All these results are possible signs of her using plastic surgery such as Botox injections, facial filler, nose job, boob job and also facelift to keep her looking younger.


Tina Fey on her own part isn’t a novice to plastic surgery. There was a time she made a remark about plastic surgery but was referring to Jennifer Lopez Butt Augmentation plastic surgery procedure. Even though the Tina Fey plastic surgery rumors do not involve a possible Butt Augmentation, it appears that the comedian keeps herself up to date on the various plastic surgery procedures. Asides from acting, comedy, producing, Tina Fey is also an author.

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The scar on the left side of her face was as a result of an attack on her while she was still a child and the incident isn’t what Tina Fey loves to talk about and the media understands that feeling. Tina Fey has changed a lot over the years which shows that the plastic surgery rumors are quite true. She has a forehead that is unbelievably smooth which suggests the use of Botox injections but still, her face still has a natural look.

A nose job is a popular plastic surgery practice in the United States of America and when done on any nose, the changes are quite easy to notice. Tina’s nose now looks narrower and sharper unlike in the past which suggests a nose job but so far, we must commend Tina Fey for the changes made to her face as they weren’t overdone but contributed to her beauty some more.