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Stevie Nicks today might be a very old woman but the internet would never get tired of discussing the Stevie Nicks plastic surgery rumors and this is just because Stevie Nicks despite the fact that she has aged still looks for ways to look wonderful and beautiful. It is no longer a secret that plastic surgery is the main reason why she still looks younger than her real self and some procedures which she has undergone in her lifetime we would look into in this review.

Born on the 26th day in May 1948, Stevie Nicks has managed to look ten times younger than her actual age today and when she was approached with the Stevie Nicks plastic surgery questions, she simply told the media that she did not get facial filler injections but she only got Botox so she could put a stop to the aging signs.

However, there are plastic surgeons who still think the singer must have also made some modifications to her nose due to the physical damage that the nose suffered because of her cocaine-snorting habit. The well-known Stephanie Nick has kept her looks intact regardless of her age. It is often wondered how she has managed to keep such an appearance overtime. Recently the star was put to an interview about her look.

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Stevie Nicks Plastic Surgery


And she boldly acknowledges that plastic surgeries such as Botox injections and Boob implants have been on the helm of it all. According to Stevie, she had a boob implant done a long time ago and decided to get rid of it at some point in time. Botox injection is very common among several aging celebrities. It is a procedure that is aimed at eliminating wrinkles and bringing back youthful appearances.

Her appearance is indeed free from aging effects such as wrinkles and also looks half of her real age. According to her, the experience she got from using Botox injection wasn’t satisfying and she used the interview medium that was presented to her to warn off another feminine that is looking forward to using Botox injection to enhance their aging appearance. She said it is best to still have your natural facial expression and age naturally rather than looking for a youthful appearance at old age.

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Also, she had boobs implant and was quick to accept the rumors were true. The star underwent the knife to get her boob looking bigger despite her natural body frame. It proved successful and her before and after photos have shown that her breast really increased in size and that it was neither her outfit nor push-up bras.


However, she said that after some time she thought about having her natural breast size once more and was told that the reversal procedure was not going to be easy to bear given that it pains a lot. But that she never mind and decided to go ahead with her decision to have it removed. Her recent appearance is totally void of any form of plastic surgery.

But it still remained to be seen if one day she will fall back to her old life or stick with her decision to stay clear-off plastic surgery.