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The ex American actress has looked differently in recent times and this has prompted the Linda Kozlowski plastic surgery rumors to escalate. The actress seem to be getting Botox injections, eye lift and rhinoplasty in recent times in a bid to bring back her youthful appearance and also promote her natural beauty.

Aside from the rumors of her involvement, there are also rumors that she has looked a shadow of her real self. Judging from her past and present photo it could well be argued that she has had Botox injections on several occasions. This particular plastic surgery is very common in Hollywood and the entire universe at large.

It is mostly used by individuals that are trying to revoke aging effects and keep their youthful appearance in their old age. Her appearance is totally void off aging marks, wrinkles, sagging and appears very smooth. All these results are gotten from her involvement in Botox injections, Face fillers and a possible laser.

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linda kozlowski plastic surgery

Her involvement in eye lift has prompted Dr Michael Salzhauer to give his comment in regards to the rumors and he concluded that the eye lift were responsible for given her a refreshing look that’s completely free of eye bags.

Also her nose job as well is also real. Her recent nose now looks refined with the tip looking pointed, the bridge thinner and the entire nose area a lot straight than they used to be. Some sections of fans have given their opinion on her nose job. Some argued that it changed her look for the better while others concluded that it was on called for to have had a nose job.

Her involvement in plastic surgery is not what many at complaining about given that the art of plastic surgery is now almost acceptable in many regions. But it’s the fact that she had overdone each procedure and it seems that they went wrong in the process and this left her with a more different appearance from her original self.

She looks more like a shadow of her real self and her fans are definitely not happy about her looks.

linda kozlowski facelift

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Presently at 61, Linda Kozlowski looks very much different from the way she used to be and this isn’t because the actress got fresher but also because she still possesses a youthful look. The rumors still remains that Linda got some plastic surgery enhancements to be able to maintain such looks and that is why we have the linda kozlowski plastic surgery rumors flying all over the internet.

Considering how her face looked like before she went under the knife and how it turned out after her plastic surgery operation simply tells you it is an example of a plastic surgery gone wrong as she is now totally unrecognizable. Not being able to be recognized is the main problem for Linda Kozlowski and some of her fans right now are wishing that refrains herself from anything relating to plastic surgery.