Lorenzo is a very popular actor that made his announcement in the soap opera “falcon crest”. He is born into a family where all of them are involved in acting and his attractive appearance is natural and genetically as well.

Lorenzo Lamas has become very popular outside the entertainment industry and his popularity increased ever since he got involved in plastic surgery and it didn’t give him the desired results that he may have wished for.

Plastic surgery has become more trending and many celebrities have relied on it to help improve their look and there is no doubting that plastic surgery has produced fantastic results over the years. But it can’t be taking away from the act that it can also produce devastating results if not properly carried out or by a poor plastic surgeon.


lorenzo lamas plastic surgery

Botox injections and face fillers are one of the most used plastic surgery procedures used by many individuals. However this plastic surgery procedure is very useful in eradicating aging effects such as wrinkles and sagging.

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But it is also very demanding as time goes on and this has lead to celebrities overdoing the procedure and it has left them with more unfortunate results than the initial result. Lorenzo Lamas plastic surgery wasn’t successful but it can’t be regarded as the most horrifying plastic surgery in Hollywood.

There are also speculations that his eye area isn’t natural anymore. Looking into his past and present pictures, he had eye surgery to eliminate eye bags and improve his looks. But it didn’t go as planned at it completely left him with wide eyes compared to his natural look and it didn’t fit into his natural appearance.

lorenzo lamas facelift

Apart from the visible areas in which he had plastic surgery, he also had tummy tuck to help reduce the size of his fat belle and provide him with a youthful appearance.

All the plastic surgery he underwent didn’t give him a satisfying result and this has lead to plastic surgeons commenting on his appearance. According to Dr Salzhauer even his tummy tuck wasn’t a success and gave him a rather folded skin than a stretched one.

The criticism of his involvement with plastic surgery has grown largely but he is yet to share his view in the speculations surrounding his plastic surgery. Such act of denial or excusing from taking such responsibilities of undergoing plastic surgery isn’t new among celebrities. Only a few have acknowledged their involvement.

lorenzo lamas nose job

When it comes to Hollywood, aging isn’t seen the way it is in other parts of the world and this is solely because all your life is spent on camera so people tend to take quick note of changes being made around the face.

Fans actually believe that Lorenzo Lamas chasing after his youthful look is a deadly trap and a battle which he is never going to win. Lorenzo Lamas is also very attractive but lately there have been many examples of celebrities that have been under the knife up to the point where it has affected their lives negatively.

Stopping now would help Lorenzo keep some parts of his old self and he shouldn’t take the line of other celebs that didn’t know when to stop.

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