There is a worldwide practice of having to start appreciating the wonders of plastic surgery once an individual attain the age of forty and above. Over the years plastic surgery has been relied on to produce better results to one’s appearance as he or she ages. But not all endeavors by celebrities to use plastic surgery to improve their look have been successful.

Many have tried using plastic surgery to promote their natural look or to keep it away from aging and have been visited with worse results. Some of the results end up providing the individual with a different image that looks awkward from his/her real self.

It is very difficult to locate individuals including Jacklyn lovers, that don’t have the impression that her plastic surgery wasn’t a success. Jacklyn’s attempt to produce a more youthful appearance completely gave her a devastating look that has been the most widely generated discussion in regards to celebrities that underwent the knife over the years. Her involvement in plastic surgery includes having Botox injections, boobs enlargement and a possible face lift.

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Logically the idea of having a Botox injection is to help smoothen the face by eradicating wrinkles and face lines so as to produce a more youthful and attractive appearance. But celebrities over the years have been overdoing this particular plastic surgery procedure and it has completely left them with an unrealistic look with no human expression. Jacklyn also had her Botox injection done this way as well.

While going from a youthful appearance to an older age, there is every possibility that the skin will experience sagging including the breast area. And most celebrity tries to avoid having the confident level low due to breast sagging by undergoing breast surgery. Her initial breast size was a perfect fit for her body physique but with the plastic surgery already done, her breast now appears a lot different and unreal from the natural look.

Jacklyn is not the first individual to have her plastic surgery gone wrong. But it is a pity that she has to be included in the list of individuals that experience bad plastic surgery. It is always advisable to consult the services of an effective and efficient plastic surgeon before undergoing the procedure.

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What we classify Jackie Zeman plastic surgery move is just a case of a woman who is very desperate to look younger than her real age and also a plastic surgeon that is an over enthusiast. This is just another perfect example of a plastic surgery that has gone wrong as right now, Jackie Zeman is totally unrecognizable. There are proofs all over that Jackie Zeman made some modifications to her face.

Now Jackie doesn’t even have to come out and admit or deny these plastic surgery rumors the interned thinks she has done as looking at her before and after pictures, the changes are staring right at everyone back in the face.