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The well known Korean singer/actor is highly regarded in her country. Her popularity over the years has increased and the media has set eyes on her appearance. Over the year, there has been speculation about her involvement in plastic surgery. However, the widely discussed subject cannot be overlooked given that Korea has heavily been involved with plastic surgery in recent times.

In Korea, plastic surgery has been practiced by many citizens in the country most especially the feminine gender. And the most used plastic surgery among Korean celebrity is the eye lift. The rumors surrounding IU plastic surgery has linked her with undergoing a rhinoplasty and an eye lift.

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iu plastic surgery

It undeniable that she may have undergone a eye lift plastic surgery procedure to enhance her look shape. Given that an average Korea person have a more closed eyes so its very easy for them to undergo eye lift so as to help increase the width between the eye spaces.

In comparisons with her before and after photos, it is clear to notice that there have been slight changes in the way her eye look. Her eye area has really changed. Initially it looked like she had a more closed eye but with the plastic surgery already done, her eyes now appear wider and shiny.

Her nose as well that looked a little bulbous and flat in the bridge area, now appears more thin and straight in the bridge area. Also the tip of the nose now looks sharper and this has improved her overall appearance.

iu facelift

The Actress/singer is yet to comment on the rumors and have rather concentrated more in her career. It has become very common among celebrities that undergo plastic surgery to ignore the rumors or deny them. However their before and after photo always speak for themselves.

Regardless of her acceptance, she looks extremely gorgeous and her fans will definitely love her more.

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