One of the most unbelievable plastic surgery stories is the Gloria Vanderbilt. To be honest Gloria Vanderbilt if almost a century and her appearance may have gotten old but she still looks over twenty years younger than her original age. Her decision to undergo plastic surgery has been hit with a lot of criticism wondering while a woman of her age will still be after the way has physical appearance looks.

It is well believed that her decision to undergo plastic surgery has a lot to do with her bringing back her youth appearance. Such can only be achieved using Botox injections, face lift and possible fillers alongside other form of minor cosmetic procedures. Botox and facelift are two most common plastic surgery procedures used by individuals that are fighting of aging effects.

Such plastic surgery procedures have been employed by Gloria and they have left her looking young and free from aging effects such as wrinkles, sagging and every other forms. Despite the results achieved by the plastic surgery procedures, she still doesn’t appear unrealistic and has managed to still look her real self.

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gloria vanderbilt plastic surgery

Gloria also underwent eye surgery and this completely paid positives as it helped eradicated all forms of aging effects found along that eye area. Such aging effects that it completely got rid off are like the eye bags and eye lines which are all signs of aging effects. The fillers injection that was noticed on her photos didn’t go as she would have planned.

They produced a swell in her facial appearance and didn’t completely eradicate weak cheek lines like that of sagging as everything was boldly found on her after photos. There is every possibility that she might have undergone other form of plastic surgery amidst those ones that were quite visible in her photos.

Nevertheless all the plastic surgery that she underwent was all success stories apart from the fillers that didn’t turn out well for her.

gloria vanderbilt facelift

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Gloria Vanderbilt before her death was still the main talk all over the web as even in her nineties, she still had some features of a thirty year old lady. A lot of people marveled at her appearance and wondered how she was able to maintain such a good and eye catching look despite aging and also so many people wondered what the secret to her looks was. Yes you got it correctly, it must have been plastic surgery.

Bad filler injections were the only downside of the Gloria Vanderbilt plastic surgery procedures which was quite evident on her cheeks. Botox and facelift on the other hand are two most common procedures which most middle aged celebrities take but if these procedures are not properly done, it could end up ruining the appearance of anybody and that is what happened to Daryl Hannah’s face as she had a weird look after a Botox gone wrong procedure.