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There are only a bunch of celebrities who are as popular as Rihanna worldwide. Expectations of fans on these celebrities get bigger as they enter a large stage. To keep the best appearance and performance, they have to do everything possible. Rihanna chose nose job to improve her appearance. The new pics of her show us a smaller nose than before.

The singer famous for her music single Umbrella thought of fixing her natural big nose to get a sexy appearance. By comparing the Rihanna’s before and after photos, she indeed has a different look especially in her breasts and nose. She must have gone under the knife for breast augmentation and Rhinoplasty. Luckily, she looks good than ever, after getting surgery procedures.

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rihanna plastic surgery

She is attractive and confident in performing on the stage with her voluptuous image and body. Rihanna was born and raised in Barbados. She moved to U.S at the age of 16 to start her career as a singer. She has sold over 60 million singles and 20 million albums. After a successful career, she was experiencing esteem problems because of the look of her face. Also being involved in a bit of modeling, she wanted a more sexy look.

So she must have decided to go for plastic surgery to enhance her body.  The expert plastic surgeon Dr. Jerome Wilson quoted that “She appears different now because of rhinoplasty or nasal reshaping” Rumors continue to come from various magazines and tabloids about the Rihanna’s new photogenic evidence. The most common allegation on her is about the flatter nose that she has got now which was wider for many years after she started her career.

Some other pictures also show larger cup size which contradict to photos of previous years. However many dedicated fans do not agree with the breast implant speculations. They believe she had used a push up bra to achieve the effects seen in the pictures.

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Even though Rihanna is already a popular figure that is capable of bringing loud income to herself and her producers, it is not impossible for for her to get advised on getting a plastic surgery done on her hair, nose and her chest. The core fact is making changes to ones body also brings about changes in the person’s psychology and when it comes to Rihanna, she has done a very good job in taking good care of herself.

Wrapping this whole Rihanna plastic surgery rumors up, all we have to say is Rihanna is such an amazing celebrity that is gorgeous looking, rich and also has the kind of figure so many women would crave for on planet earth. This is nothing but just a small investigation as to whether her plastic surgery rumors are true or false and if there are new findings or new tracks then we would be glad to bring them to your notice once more.

Rihanna is still a young celebrity with a whole lot more to offer so noticing any new changes would not be difficult considering the fact that she spends most of her life on the camera and in the media.