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Judging from her appearance it is very difficult to agree that she is aging naturally. There are rumors that her youthful appearance is aided by plastic surgery. Regardless of the rumored plastic surgery, the star is naturally blessed with beauty. And that has drawn several opinions from people. With some hanging with the belief that her beauty could be a combination of nature and artificial while others have levied it on nature.

The star is yet to confirm any involvement in plastic surgery but the rumors already have it that the likely plastic surgery she underwent is the same with those associated with other persons that are looking to feel younger. Such plastic surgery procedures are Botox injections and face fillers, and a possible breast implant. Over the years her pretty face has made her age unimaginable by many and most people have guessed her age to be half her real age.

Her appearance is fresh, smoothened and youthful. Her face also has no sign of aging marks. For some celebrities there involvement in plastic surgery usually leaves them with an unrealistic look and plastic appearance. But hers isn’t anything new them, rather she has maintained her human natural expression and this result was only because she didn’t over do the Botox injections she had.

Mary Steenburgen Plastic Surgery


Judging from her photos as well, her eye area seems to have been altered as well. It is possible that she had eye lift surgery to raise her eyebrow from the natural position that it was. Also her cheek is fuller than they used to be and this is also a sign of cheek implants that she had as well. It is undeniable that her cheek and chin have increased in size.

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No doubt the fillers she used were aimed at eradicating any aging effects such as sagging or wrinkle around that area so as to produce a more satisfying result that is free from such aging marks. Her recent photos also have portrayed a fuller breast than her natural size and she has moved quickly to deny such claims regarding her undergoing breast implant. Rather she has pointed out that her diet is responsible for her recent look and boobs size.

Nevertheless several doctors have confirmed that she indeed had plastic surgery despite her denials. But if truly such rumors hold any fact in them, then she indeed had a successful plastic surgery.

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With over thirty years of experience, Mary Steenburgen is one of the notable actress Hollywood has ever had and she found fame when she played a leading role in the movie “Time After Time”. At 66 Mary Steenburgen is famous for her exceptional looks as her boobs looked like that of a thirty year old while her face has the looks of a 15 year old.

All of these obvious facts contributed to why fans started rumoring that the actress has joined the list of other Hollywood actresses that have been under the knife just to preserve their looks.

Mary has also talked down all of these rumors claiming that she has never been under the knife. She said the reason for her looks is mostly because she gets enough rest, practices good nutrition and also exercises regularly.

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