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The name Emma Watson is a very common name among the British entertainment industry. The actress rose to stardom after she featured in the award-winning movie “Harry Potter” with Daniel Radcliffe. Emma Watson is mostly put in comparison with fellow Beauty queen Kristen Stewart.

She is no longer as young as she was when she first hit the movie screen. However, her appearance hasn’t changed a lot apart from the fact that her nose area seems to have been altered to suit her natural appearance. It is possible that she may have undergone a nose job which is no longer a thing of new in the life of every celebrity.

The fact that her nose area has changed still remains undoubted but there is no solid fact that the celebrity has undergone plastic surgery. While judging her before and after photos, that her nose seems bulbous with the latest picture portraying a slim nose and more refined. If at all she underwent the knife to get her nose reshaped, then she simply made the right decision and it produced a positive result that has given her additional advantage in terms of her beauty.

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Emma Watson Plastic Surgery


The positivity to take in is the idea of her still remaining her real self. Few celebrities have undergone the knife to get a refined nose shape and ended up altering their appearance in a more negative way.

Regardless of the changes noticed in her photo the star has not given any comment on the issue regarding the plastic surgery and her fans can’t wait to hear from the celebrity about her reason to undergo plastic surgery and the wonderful effect that is produced which has been a big plus to her personal and career in general. Emma Watson looks perfectly great with her new nose and will definitely be pleased with the results.


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Emma Watson is truly a beautiful lady and it would not be entirely out of place to think that she must have been under the knife to achieve her beautiful and attractive looks. There are quite some promising rumors about her plastic surgery move but Emma Watson is yet to come forward to say anything about any of these allegations. It kind of shows that she isn’t comfortable talking about her plastic surgery procedures.

A good aspect to look at regarding Emma Watson’s plastic surgery rumors is the possibility of a teeth surgery as going through her old and new pictures would reveal to you that a lot has changed about her during the course of her career. Looking at her old pictures, she had misshaped and irregular set of teeth but now, these same set of teeth now have a stunning look and are well arranged.

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This is definitely the work of plastic surgery which we often refer to as teeth implants and if we want to be honest about this, it was worth the money spent on it because her smile right now could win lots of hearts.