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Not many celebrities have been pleased with the result produced by plastic surgery. Majority have been on the wonderful receiving end of plastic surgery while others have been at the worst end of it. Tori Spelling decision to undergo the knife and get a wonderful look has backfired and in recent times, she has admitted to using plastic surgery and that it didn’t produce the best for her. Judging from her recent appearance, she underwent various plastic surgery procedures that include rhinoplasty, boobs implant, fillers and a possible tummy tuck.

Her decision to undergo boobs implant wasn’t bad but the fact that she had a larger boobs implanted into her little body figure is what brought concern for many fans. Her natural body frame makes the huge boobs look awkward. Dr Salzhauer shares the same opinion as the fans and public at large.

In Hollywood today, the nose plastic surgery has become one of the most important plastic surgery especially for top celebrities. Tori spelling got a nose job as well. At least judging from both photographs it is clear she underwent the knife to improve her nose shape and things didn’t turn out as she would have loved in regards to the plastic surgery. It can be argued that her older photo possess a more attractive nose that perfectly fits her appearance than the recent one.


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The Botox injection that she underwent helped eradicated all forms of wrinkles around her face and gave her a smoothened appearance. Also the face fillers helped pumped her facial expression and got rid of sagging as well. Never the less her decision to use lip fillers was a bad choice. The lip has appeared very full and too big for her facial appearance.  The best plastic surgery that she had was the tummy tuck that completely helped reduced her tummy size after child birth.

Tori Spelling however admitted that the nose job rumors about her are quite true. In her book “Stori Telling” she revealed that while she was still a little child, she always asked her mom if she (Tori) looked beautiful and her mom would reply her by saying she was going to be beautiful if she gets her nose worked on. Now that’s a great mom and telling a kid that when she grows up, she needs to get plastic surgery done on her face to look beautiful is one hell of a parenting move.

tori spelling nose job

Tori Spelling is one of the mom’s in Hollywood who has to find a way to balance caring for her family and also maintaining and meeting up with the busy schedule that her career brings. She already has three kids and during one of her interviews, Tori Spelling publicly disclosed that she has her own regrets as a mom and this regret was getting a breast implant. It turned out that having a breast implant surgery in her twenties had affected her production of milk when she started giving birth.

Plastic surgery procedures are quite difficult to tell nowadays as you can’t tell if a person has been under the knife or how many times the person has been under the knife unless when it is carried out by an unprofessional. We would love you to tell us what you think about Tori Spelling plastic surgery rumors which we have addressed.

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