Born on the 15th day of January in 1996, Dove Cameron is an American singer and actress which has accomplished quite a lot in her career. Her real name is Chloe Celeste Hosterman but she changed her name to Dove after the death of her father just to honor him.

The reason behind this change of name is because her dad always called her dove or dovey while growing up which eventually became her nickname. Dove Cameron started acting at just eight years and at the age of fourteen, she moved to Los Angeles.

Regardless of all the achievements made by Dove Cameron, there have been rumors and speculation flying claiming that she is another celebrity to have been under the knife. These speculation claims that the hot and banging body of Dove Cameron is as a result of cosmetics enhancements and the surgeries being talked about here are breasts implant, nose jobs and lip fillers.

Despite all of these speculation, Dove Cameron is one brightly talented singer and actress who has won the hearts of many fans all around the world with her talent and hardwork.


dove cameron plastic surgery

One of the frequent questions asked about her plastic surgery is if she really did have a nose job but when you take a look at her before and after pictures, you would be able to tell that there are some distinctive changes about her nose. These changes include a hump and a nasal bridge and if a closer look is taken at her photos, I bet one can easily tell that the small bulge that was there while she was growing is no longer there.

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There have also been changes in her lips as her lips now seem to be more plumber rather than when she was just a teen. This is a perfect example of having lip injections which is more visible in her lower lip and this can be achieved only by making use of injectable fillers. All of these are good examples to make a conclusion that the talented singer and actress had a plastic surgery.

dove cameron nose job

Dove Cameron is one actress who we clearly know isn’t afraid going under the knife and definitely, such a person would also not be afraid of needles. She has two unique tattoos which also defines her in a type of way. On the ring finger of her right hand, she has an image of the sun drawn on it and what this symbolizes life and energy. She also has an X on her knuckle which she got alongside her friend Kiersey Clemon. Dove also has an O written on her right middle finger.

The symbol O represents kisses while the X represents hugs. This is actually the first set of tattoos gotten by Dove Cameron. Dove Cameron is such a beautiful actress who we believe has worked quite hard to get to the point she has gotten to right now in life. If all of the Dove Cameron plastic surgery rumors are true then we have to give credit to the plastic surgeon for doing such a great job.