Maybe he would be wishing he can turn back the hands of time before he had his plastic surgery but that seems impossible right now. These and more are what fans have to say about Ray Liotta’s plastic surgery as the popular celebrity used to have a very good-looking and handsome face but some facial procedures applied on his face seem to have ruined everything as he tried bringing back his youthful handsome look to his old age.

However, Dr. Anthony explained that Ray Liotta looks this awful because he had injected his laugh lines badly with fillers and not just that but also as a result of having a bad botox and facelift. This look is so awful and the doctor explains that he has this look right now because he desired to make his skin look fresh and tight using a facelift. Unfortunately for him, looking this awful is what he has to put up with at this stage of his life.

Ray Liotta Plastic Surgery

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That picture up there is a perfect example of plastic surgery gone wrong and I bet this recent Ray Liotta look has got him regretting why he tried looking the way he looked while he was younger at a very much older age. I’m sure you might be stunned learning that the once handsome celebrity now looks this awful and you might be wondering what went wrong with the surgical process.

Looking at Ray Liotta’s face, it is very difficult to determine or figure out a natural smile and this is as a result of having his laugh lines injected with fillers. This has made him to have a cold look and there is also this look of having his entire forehead soaked in botox because it has a smooth and wrinkle-free look.


We are not saying that having plastic surgery is entirely bad but Ray Liotta’s plastic surgery gone wrong is simply as a result of being too obsessed with his youthful look. He is left with nothing but regrets. Checking out Ray Liotta’s old and new photos once more would also tell you that the actor during the start of his career had a receding hairline. However, while growing old, Ray decided to fix the hair loss problem because that is what his pictures tell us.

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His pictures suggest that he got a hair transplant which helped in fixing his receding hair situation and even though his hair at this point looks quite gray, they appear to be way thicker than how they used to be while he was younger. This can however mean only one move and that is a hair transplant. It is without any doubt that the Ray Liotta plastic surgery rumors and true as evidently, ray has gone through some bad plastic surgery transformation.

His body might be experiencing some weight loss and weight gain changes but then taking a look at his face would tell you that he has definitely been under the knife or that the Ray Liotta plastic surgery rumors are not entirely false. We wish he could find a better plastic surgeon who could render some more help to his face.