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Lil Kim however used to be dark skinned back in the days but looking at the queen of rap today, there have been so many changes not just on her skin but also on her face. However, there are ongoing rumors on the internet that she didn’t just decide to carry out these changes on her own but there were some factors that led to these changes.

Being rejected by her father seems to be one of such reasons as her looks, her clothes and also her hair was very different from others. Whenever she tried going into a relationship, she was always being put down by different men which in a way is also similar to the things her own father did to her. All of these occurrences affected her mindset and she didn’t think she was beautiful even if she was told she wasn’t, she knew it was true.

Denise Jones aka Lil Kim is an American old school rapper, actress, singer and model who has also be identified as another celebrity to have had four different surgeries in her life. The rapper has however been reluctant to talk about these claims which suggests she has had plastic surgeries to enhance her face but we have some possible suggestions which indicate that Lil Kim must have had those four surgeries.

One of the most noticeable changes made to the face of Lil Kim is her nose and we want you to take a good look at the picture below.


lil kim plastic surgery

Taking a good look at the picture above, you can easily tell that a whole lot of modification has been made on the face of Lil Kim Her facial skin, her lips and her nose all seem different from the way it used to be when she started off her career in the past and this completely suggests that the American old school rapper must have had some skin bleaching done, made use of botox injections, had rhinoplasty and also lip augmentation.

Even at 45, the rapper had no wrinkles or dark circles on her face which suggests that she had botox while the presence of line creases on her forehead suggests the use of cosmetic injections.

lil kim botox

Her lips now seem more enlarged and fuller as she had smaller and average lips in the past. This totally suggests that the singer must have had lip augmentation done to achieve that look. Also judging from her previous and recent pictures, modifications were made to her nose which implies rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty is the correction of the appearance of the nose and Lil Kim’s nasal bridge now looks more lowered and sharpened.

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It is completely correct to suggest that she had rhinoplasty surgery. Looking at the way her skin color changed, it is fair to admit that she must have had skin bleaching. Back when she started her career, the rapper used to have dark skin but looking at her present day, her skin has transformed to a lighter and fairer skin color. Only skin bleaching is capable of making such a change to a person’s skin color.