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Seems like talking about the Kardashian family plastic surgery rumors isn’t going to end anytime soon as one of the girls in the family is making the headlines again. This time it isn’t Kim’s rumor that is being spread on the internet but this time, it is all about the Kourtney Kardashian plastic surgery rumors.

Kourtney Kardashian unlike other celebrities that have been under the knife once openly admitted to going under the knife to get a nose job and breast augmentation and Kourtney also made a funny but true statement hinting on the fact that it is in every woman to want to look beautiful regardless of how she makes it happen.

Kourtney Kardashian who is always referred to as an American Socialite, a fashion designer and also a television personality is not the type to regret over her decision to go under the knife but the internet strongly feels that Kourtney Kardashian isn’t the kind of woman they felt would want to go under the knife to enhance her looks but at least, she isn’t like her sisters and the rest of other celebrities who have been under the knife and refused talking about it.


kourtney kardashian plastic surgery

She always tries to keep an open mind and be honest about her plastic surgery rumors. Well, on the other hand, Kourtney Kardashian should also be willing to be ready for what comes after openly admitting that she has been under the knife to enhance her looks as from the moment she made her plastic surgery rumors true, she became a target for the paparazzi’s who would also be eager to want to learn more about her plastic surgery procedures.

Kourtney Kardashian openly admitted to going under the knife for two major surgeries as she is proud of her breast augmentation and nose job moves. Kourtney’s breast implant surgery might go on to be a bit of a problem because she had the plans of breastfeeding her baby but with the help of a doctor, it isn’t well reported if she could still breastfeed her baby with or without the breast implants.

kourtney kardashian breast implant

Although Kourtney just like her sister is also blessed with a curvy body, her breast area would always seem big and attractive with or without breast augmentation but being natural didn’t seem too good for her so she decided to go under the knife to enlarge her boobs.

Just like she openly admitted, Kourtney Kardashian plastic surgery rumors also involved the star going under the knife to modify her nose. While comparing her old and new photos, one can be able to tell that Kourtney Kardashian was able to modify her nose into looking more pointed, more smaller and pinched.

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However, doctor Paul Nassif who is a reconstructive and facial plastic surgeon as well as an expert in nose job or Rhinoplasty also agrees with the rumors. Doctor Paul revealed that Kourtney Kardashian obviously worked her nose but gave credit because the surgery wasn’t overdone. He also said that the nose job was done in a way that it perfectly fits Kourtney’s face and also looks natural.