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JAG was a very popular series in the 90’s that people liked to watch and they also took note of Catherine bell who was very beautiful and also had what it takes to catch the attention of viewers. Today, fans who enjoyed watching the series ask the same questions; Are the Catherine bell plastic surgery rumors true? Did she have a boob job? Most fans found it hard to believe that her breasts were natural and they also paid good and close attention to her face claiming that the face of the beautiful actress looked too flawless pretty.

Judging by her looks then and comparing it to now, it is quite obvious that the actress had breast enhancement surgery and while analyzing her breasts, it is quite noticeable how they have a great shape. Her breasts are not perfectly round or high like how breasts implant would look like so one can also conclude that here breasts are naturally large. Instead of going for breasts enhancement, Catherine Bell would rather go for breast reduction. A breast reduction surgery might be necessary just to try and take off the pressure on her spine.

Catherine Bell Plastic Surgery

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Also, there were rumors claiming that Catherine bell had a nose job done one her nose as at when she started her acting career, her nose had a wide nasal bridge but after taking a closer look at her before and after photos, it can be seen that the actress had gone for a nose job as her nose now looks better and slimmer. Catherine Bell is quite beautiful although there are some signs of aging on her skin, a possible facelift surgery is totally ruled out.

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In 2018, recent pictures that surfaced showed that the actress’s cheeks look puffy while her eye area also looked flawless. Many believed that it could be a result of using botox injections. Furthermore, if you are familiar with watching Catherine Bell in the past then you should be able to detect the scar she has on her neck which came as a result of Catherine having thyroid surgery. There are rumors that Catherine had thyroid surgery when she was just a teen and this was because she had cancer which surgeons had to take out using surgery.

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A lot of fans are quite aware of this scar and no one is really interested in making an issue out of it but looking at her recent photos, her skin especially the neck region looks flawless and the scar isn’t there anymore. This got some section of fans asking if she had a special form of cosmetic surgery or she used laser technology.

The rumors of Catherine Bell plastic surgery procedure involving facelift however doesn’t hold so much ground as Catherine’s face shows some real signs of aging which suggests that the facelift surgery rumors are not valid. Still, Catherine bell still has a very beautiful look. What people have been asking is how Catherine Bell has been able to look so young and sexy for over twenty years and we bet there are ladies out there who would be jealous of Catherine Bell’s amazing transformation.

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