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Leona Lewis musical career has been very successful and she has hit the headlines for many years with her outstanding musical performance. However, in recent times it has been for a different reason than she has been making the headlines.

This time it is about her wonderful appearance. There are rumors that her beautiful face isn’t natural and that she had sought the aid of plastic surgery to improve her look and career as well. The rumors regarding her nose job have been hitting the headlines and that it has changed her appearance. Relatives of the singer have agreed that she may have undergone plastic surgery to improve the look of her nose given that it wasn’t in the same shape as off when she first came into showbiz.

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Leona Lewis Plastic Surgery

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According to those who have closely monitored her appearance, they have concluded that she now has a more refined nose that appears pointed at the tip and straight at the bridge.

The rumors have drawn several opinions from different individuals and some have argued that her involvement in a nose job should never have been on the card since it had nothing to do with her charming musical career.

The singer is yet to comment on the rumors and she isn’t the first celebrity to stay away from such rumors. It is only normal in the way she has acted given that her acceptance could hinder her progress in her musical career or disrupt her fan’s joy towards her.

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However, it is only a nose job that she has been rumored to have undergone in all her career. It remains to be seen if she will indulge further in other practice of plastic surgery. Nevertheless, it is best that she stays away from such plastic surgery so it doesn’t ruin her natural beauty in the future.

Leona Lewis is a former winner of the X-Factor singing competition and after winning the competition which created ways to her fame and success, fans and the entire public believe that she is among other top celebrities who have made use of plastic surgery to enhance their looks. However, Leona Lewis still insists that every Leona Lewis plastic surgery claims or rumors on the internet are all false.

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The singer turned out to be very successful after releasing her first studio album back in 2007 and the album turned out to becoming a very huge success. This same album was recorded to have sold about eight million copies all over the world but let us take you to 2011 away from all her album success, the singer who is famous for her hit track “bleeding love” resurfaced but this time with a changed look.

The changes were recognizable and also prompted all of the Leona Lewis plastic surgery rumors that have been flooding the internet till date. In spite of all these rumors and allegations, we still have to give it to her for doing a great job on her nose because it turned out to suit her looks.

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