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American model, philanthropist and actress Ashley Judd is one that is loved by many in Hollywood as she has been in the movie industry for over two decades.

Whether she is always making the headlines because of her selfless humanitarian services or whether she is trying to solve a murder mystery in any movie, Ashley Judd is still that actress that is being commended for her beautiful looks which have been able to withstand all the temptations that comes with being a part of Hollywood.

However, we can’t say for sure that she was able to resist the temptation of going under the knife as new Ashley Judd plastic surgery rumors started popping up again recently.


ashley judd plastic surgery

During one of her recent appearance as she came out to promote “Missing” which is her show, the entire public was stunned by how full and round Ashley Judd’s cheeks now looks and this rather seemed to be quite odd due to the fact that the actress hasn’t lost or put on any weight. With the outburst of these new rumors, the internet has been on fire as several have a lot to say about the Ashley Judd plastic surgery rumors.

One person said trying to figure out if the actress has been under the knife or not would be difficult because most times when she talks, she sounds like a pretentious twit. However, Ashley Judd’s face today looks quite puffy when compared to before but it is quite hard to tell if the actress has made use of some cheek fillers or if she used laser treatment or also if she has a medical condition she is struggling with.

It is also possible to gain some weight and have some weight gain around the face too because there are certain people who gain weight and end up having a puffy face.

Furthermore, Ashley Judd was seen at the airport lately and reports gathered suggested that her face was red which suggests that she must have been having some treatment of some sort and this also fueled the speculation that the actress must be doing something to her face.

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One of the internet remarks we came across asked why Ashley Judd’s face was having a puffy look but another responded saying the puffy look is weird because she seemed not to have gained any sort of weight.

Ashley Judd’s plastic surgery face according to some remarks on the internet believes the procedure is a mess and this puts Ashley Judd on the same list with celebrities like Kylie Minogue, Madonna and Lindsay Lohan whose face has this youthful glow but their cheeks suggests that they must have been under the knife to have a cheek implant surgery.

During one of her appearances in Toronto with her pet dog, the public also noticed and made comments about puffier than usual cheeks and the same skin was looking weird red which suggest she must be getting some sort of treatment on her skin.

However, Ashley Judd has hit back at all the rumors alleged against her as she claims that her puffy face is as a result of the steroid she is on.

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