Plastic surgery in South Korea is becoming more of a practice among individuals that are looking to enhance their look. Lee Da Hae has is the latest to be rumored to have undergone plastic surgery.

Several people undergo plastic surgery to be able to keep up with the high expectations of their career. It seems that may have been the reason why the star has joined the race to enhance your appearance using plastic surgery.

The possible plastic surgery that she might have been involved with according to the rumors is said to be eye lift and cheek implants. This plastic surgery is very common among South Korea celebrities and it’s no surprise that Lee Da Hae may have done so as well.

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Lee Da Hae Plastic Surgery

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Judging from her before and after photos, she has had cheek implants, rhinoplasty and eye surgery as well. The rhinoplasty plastic surgery that she had has completely given her a different look.

Her previous photo shows that she has a more bulbous nose but with the plastic surgery procedure already done, her nose area has completely changed and looked more refined. The tip looks pointed and sharp while the bridge looks straight.

Apart from the mentioned plastic surgery that she has had, the previous image of her face shows that she has an oval face but her jaw isn’t as oval as the face. Rather it looked longer. But in her recent photo, it is very obvious that her jaw area has been altered so as to produce a more satisfying look with her oval face.

Only a jaw plastic surgery could have given her such appearance. From her photos, she had jaw reduction plastic surgery to enhance her look.


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Celebrities all over the world have all gotten used to the idea of going under the knife just to enhance their looks and the funniest part of all is that these same celebrities who have been under the knife do not admit ever being under the knife. Lee da hee is among the celebrity that has never admitted to being under the knife as rumors suggest that she has been under the knife but doesn’t feel free to talk about it.

A jaw reduction surgery is among the lee da hee plastic surgery procedures that is being rumored all over the internet and taking a look at her before and after photos confirms the fact that the jaw reduction surgery is actually a reality and not just mere rumors. It is believed that some modifications were made to her jaw bone which is the main reason why her face has an oval shape.

In her past pictures, it can be seen that she had a wider jaw but it was later reshaped which is also part of why her face looks flawless today. Due to the plastic surgery procedures done on lee da hae’s face, she is considered to be one of Korea’s most beautiful actresses and all of these plastic surgery procedures turned out successful and perfect.